Michael Moore Defends Brian Williams by Trashing George W. Bush for Committing ‘Iraq War Lies’

February 10th, 2015 6:02 PM

While many individuals in the news industry have been critical of the lies and embellishments NBC’s Brian Williams has told, there have been a few who have rushed to his defense and include Jon Stewart, David Brooks, Bill Moyers, Joe Klein, and far-left activist Michael Moore. 

As far as Moore has been concerned, he took to his Facebook account on Sunday night to unleash a lengthy post lamenting how “a man with integrity” in Williams was being punished for “committing the crime of Faux Macho due to his claim of being on the wrong chopper” while members of the Bush administration “roam free” and get away with being “the real liars who were responsible for the Iraq War.” 

He began his 348-word post by giving his synopsis of where former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are doing now with Bush “an artist and a painter & roots for dear brother ‘Jeb in 2016’,” Cheney “now appears on many networks as a grumpy old man pundit,” and Rice “gets to be on the board that picks college football’s Final 4.”

With that backdrop, Moore unleashed :

[B]ut it's Brian Williams who's to be punished for Iraq? Are u effing kidding me? I mean, an entire country was demolished, trillions were wasted, thousands of our troops were killed & wounded, tens/hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed, and now, FINALLY, someone is paying for Iraq war lies... and it's Brian fucking Williams????? Yes, there is much that can be said about all the network reporters in 2003 who were embedded (i.e., Pentagon-approved) with the troops and getting to “play war” instead of asking the Bush administration the hard questions THAT DID NOT GET ASKED, and yes there is much to say about how all the networks have dumbed down the nightly news and made it unwatchable.

Following his complaining about the media covering Williams’s sin of “committing the crime of Faux Macho” while “the real liars” supposedly are unblemished, Moore took a dig at journalist Judith Miller and her former employer in The New York Times by telling them to “put down your stones.” He also urged the “[s]ocial media mob” to “put down your noose.”

Once that happens, Moore demanded that the two join forces to “have the guts to go after the big cheese” (read: The Bush Administration) and leave Williams alone by letting him “get back to telling us about the next big storm that's going to drop 3" of snow on New York City and the exclusive report on the lost dog who made it home to help its handicap master.”

The radical leftist concluded by adding a note of how Williams often hosted an hour-long program on cable during “the post-9/11 years” and found him to be “one of the few people in TV news who would allow an opposition voice such as mine on the air.” For that, Moore said, he came away thinking “this is a man with integrity.”

It’s worth nothing that this latest outburst on Iraq and Williams comes after Moore started 2015 off by attacking the late Chris Kyle for his service to America while a member of the U.S. Navy Seals in Iraq that went from a best-selling book to a blockbuster hit movie.