Lighten Up Sanchez: Dem Rep. Flips Off GOP Dugout at Congressional Baseball Game

July 29th, 2022 11:42 AM

The usually jovial and bipartisan atmosphere of the annual Congressional Baseball game took a more hostile turn thanks to Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez (CA-38) flipped the bird to the Republican dugout as she was returning to the dugout after being substituted for a pinch runner, Outkick reported July 29.

The game was a complete blowout, with Republicans dominating 10-0 over the democrats. The affair is usually a very friendly event, where both sides come together to play ball and attendees cheer on their representatives. Apparently Sanchez didn’t get the memo. 

Here’s the video from Ryan Saavedra on Twitter:

Guess she was mad that her team was getting blown out for the whole game, and needed to vent her rage. 

Truly a class act.

As Outkick put it well, “If the roles were reversed and a Republican flipped off the Democrats, it would be the biggest story in America for weeks.”