‘The End Of Gender?’: Elle UK Features It’s First ‘Non-Binary’ ‘Agender’ Cover Model

May 21st, 2021 5:00 PM

Haven’t you heard? Identifying as nonbinary is the hottest trend at the moment. Demi Lovato sent shockwaves around the world just this week for coming out as "non-binary" and now Elle UK is making history for featuring their very first non-binary cover model. 

Australian-British model Olly Eley, who, mind you, uses the pronouns “they/them” is starring on the latest issue of Elle UK. The strikingly androgynous, biological female poses topless on the front cover with the caption “The End of Gender? Why this model will change the way you think.” Any rational person is not likely to be swayed by the illogical nonsense Eley’s article consists of. 

The piece is prefaced with “What happens when the body you’re born with doesn’t reflect the person you are? As a new generation questions the conventions of gender, model Olly Eley explains their journey of finding themselves beyond boundaries.” This does not bode well.

“The first time someone used the pronoun ‘they’ instead of ‘she’ for me, it felt like peace,” says Eley. “I’ve never felt female, but then neither have I felt male.” Eley then implies gender is a spectrum saying, “If there was a thin line that connected the two genders, I would be a dot floating somewhere between the two, but untethered to the line altogether.” … That does not make any sense. But don’t you dare question it, bigot! 

The lunacy continues. Eley recounts her tomboy childhood, self-discovery of her same-sex attraction, and finally the realization that she is neither woman nor lesbian. “I realised I was not a gay girl when I realised that I was not a girl.” Apparently, Eley is not only the first non-binary cover star for the publication, but also the first mentally ill person to grace its front page as well.  

Eley presents another ridiculous self-classification - “I am not ‘fluid’, where I shift between genders and pronouns. I am agender (devoid of gender altogether).” This utterly false premise is followed by yet another. “I’ve accepted that I’m a non-binary person living in a binary world (that I have every intention of disrupting!).” 

Eley’s perverse gender theory makes no sense. The mental gymnastics are exhausting and pointless. 

Finally, the ultimate subversion: “The truth is, this backwards society we live in wants me to have to choose between male and female. Sadly, the less ‘confusing’ I look, the safer I am in public spaces.” It is a backwards society indeed when the fundamental reality of biological sex is denied and is now viewed itself as “backwards.”