GODLESS CULTURE: Gyrating Booty Cheeks for Kids & Gender Neutral Babies

June 11th, 2024 4:16 PM

Welcome to Woke of the Weak, where I’ll update you about the most woke, progressive, insane, and crazy clips and stories that the left thinks is tolerable and well, point out why exactly they’re nuts.

This week we examined some of the Pride parades that erupted across the nation. One was in Washington D.C. and featured nearly naked men marching down the street for little kids to see. A different clip from the D.C. Pride Parade featured what looked like a twerk-off.

The worst part about the second clip was that a young child, probably no more than two-years-old, got a face full of one of the girls shaking booty.

While on the topic of child abuse, a father (I think) explained how he and his partner are raising their child to be genderless and pick whichever (if any) gender they want later on in life.

That’s lying to kids and teaching them how to live with a delusional sense of identity.

Similarly, a drag queen freak visited a high school, and the U.S. Department of Education hung up a Pride flag for all to see that our education system is not only focused on education, but gayness too.

We heard an influencer announce the winner of a free mastectomy and heard from a transgender woman who used manicotti to explain how he’ll get his penis turned into a vagina.

To close, a man (?) with a blue beard conducted a belly dancing performance, and a drag queen - in about 10 pounds of makeup - strutted his stuff.

Tune in next week to see what the loonies of the left are up to then!