Tim McGraw Roasted for Partnering with Trans Loving Planet Fitness

May 30th, 2024 3:25 PM

This week country singer Tim McGraw partnered up with Planet Fitness for a promotional advertisement. Given that Planet Fitness is overtly pro-trans women changing in ladies' locker rooms in front of young girls, McGraw was roasted for the partnership. 

The country star even blocked Libs of TikTok after they called him out for the move.

On May 27, McGraw shared a 47-second video to his personal X account in which he talked about how important fitness is to him, as it makes him feel better and gives him a “better mental outlook."

I wouldn’t be able to stay consistent and fit without the support of my family, my friends and my community. We all need a support system to help keep us moving and that’s where Planet Fitness comes in with things like free fitness training for all members that give you the support you need to start or continue your fitness journey.

McGraw certainly does have a family - a family that includes three daughters. And what does Planet Fitness do with girls? Shoves them in locker rooms where biological men are allowed to undress.

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So far this year alone, there've been multiple instances in which "transgender women" -  biological men - have entered and used women's locker rooms at the gym chain. One instance involved a man stripping down to the nude, while anotherinvolved a man shaving his face while a 12-year-old girl in a towel was nearby. 

Getting up and moving is such an important part of my day, so I partnered with @PlanetFitness to give my fans a chance to get moving with a special offer. For a limited time you can get your FIRST MONTH FREE at Planet Fitness when you use promo code "MCGRAW". And when you join… pic.twitter.com/tKmgpoxCAI

— Tim McGraw (@TheTimMcGraw) May 27, 2024

Yet, McGraw, even knowing this and how much backlash Planet Fitness has received over it, seemed elated to announce the partnership.

You can become a part of the planet fitness community today. Consider donating to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America when you join online and if you use promo code ‘MCGRAW,’ you’ll get your first month free. Sounds good, right?

No Tim, that doesn’t sound good.

Planet Fitness has an agenda. It stood by its policy of allowing men into ladies' spaces and even invited and encouraged young teenagers to get memberships, too. Because the left wants to drive a wedge between parents and their kids, and this is just one of the ways they’re attempting to do that. Get kids into the gym for FREE, and then tell them that men in the women’s restroom is not only acceptable, but normal.

Libs of TikTok called McGraw out for endorsing Planet Fitness rather than defending young girls, writing in a post on X, “Country Singer Tim McGraw announced a new partnership with Planet Fitness. Tim has 3 daughters. @TheTimMcGrawdo you feel comfortable letting your daughter use PF knowing a man can expose himself to her and PF will defend the man because that's their policy? Do you support this?” 

The account also commented on McGraw's post with the ad, “YIKES. Would you feel comfortable with your daughters using Planet Fitness knowing a man can expose himself to them and Planet Fitness will defend the man?"

Almost immediately, McGraw - or whoever runs his X account - hid Libs of TikTok’s comment. Screenshots of the hidden reply are available here.

Then, just two minutes after Libs of TikTok generated its own post bashing McGraw, the singer blocked the account.

“Welp that was fast. This might be a new record,” Libs of TikTok wrote when sharing a screenshot that McGraw blocked the account. 

While McGraw and his team likely flipped out, considering how cancel culture is a huge threat for these self-absorbed swines, I’m afraid his reputation may be on the line. Even though they moved quick, social media and screenshots moved quicker. 

McGraw’s stance on companies that support wokeness and grooming, like Planet Fitness does, is already out there. Time will tell how this affects him!

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