Sex W/ Jesus, Foursomes & Oral: Even A Board Member Protests 'Evil' Sexually Explicit Books

May 17th, 2024 1:13 PM

A disgusted school board member read the contents of a book titled “Triangles,” which explained, in extremely graphic detail, a foursome. This book, along with other books like it, is available to students at middle and high school libraries in North East San Antonio, Texas.

The book by Ellen Hopkins talks about three different women’s sex lives. According to, a website dedicated to exposing these sexually explicit books given to children, the book “has sexually obscene sexual activities including sadomasochism; sexual nudity; profanity; alcohol abuse; drug use; controversial religious commentary; and alternate sexualities.”


Bonny Wallace, read page 368 from the book at the May 13 board meeting:

I move my mouth to taste her nipples. They are larger than mine. Luscious. My partner’s hands pull me backward to lie across the table. He kisses Lorraine as Micah’s tongue finds the sweet spot between my legs. It all becomes a heady mix of men. Tongues. Hands. Gingers. The unique brine of women. The heat of c**k. Condoms. Don’t forget those. And, God, orgasm. Mine. Hers. Theirs. I think other people are watching. Touching themselves because this foursome is amazing. Beautiful people doing incredibly sensual things. Segue to dirty, nasty things. 

At that point the woman left the podium to head back to her seat. Before she could make it all the way back to her chair, board member Diane Villareal interrupted saying: “I’m sorry, I’m gonna ask a question now because I was under the impression that these books had been removed from our schools. What the heck is going on?”

The audience erupted in applause at her shock. 

“This is revolting,” Villarreal continued, “I wouldn’t even expect to read this in Penthouse if they still published that trash and this is in our schools!?”

The video, posted originally by Sarah Fields, president for Coalition Texas, and shared by Libs of TikTok, has almost 800,000 views on X.


In the full video of the nearly two-hour long board meeting titled “Parental Advisory Explicit Content,” concerned parents acknowledged the disturbing content in books that are made accessible to students. 

One father talked about his daughters who go to Churchill High School in the school district. He noted that many “vulgar” books in the library are things he’d never want his daughters to be able to have access to, adding that there's nothing that has any “educational” value in them.

A woman who is the Texas ambassador for Moms for Liberty noted that the material is “harmful” for children. She read an excerpt from the book called “The Empire of Storms” which is available at every middle school in the district.

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“His teeth gazed over her nipple and her eyes drifted closed, a moaning slipping out of her, his tongue flipped against her nipple and her head tipped back, her fingers digging into his shoulders,” she read. The woman went on but I’ll spare you the details. All you need to know is that it was erotic content that is provided to young kids in school. 

A pastor read an excerpt from the book “What Girls are Made Of” which talked about giving “Jesus head” and “having sex with Jesus.” One more read an “evil” book that kids have access to which read “Daddy put his pee pee smelling thing in my mouth.”

Like one of the pastors said, these books have no place in schools. They belong in the “pits of hell.”

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