Mom Intends to Castrate Young Son Against Father’s Wishes

April 15th, 2024 1:50 PM

California mom Anne Georgulas is petitioning state courts to let her get chemically-castrating puberty blockers for her 11-year-old biological son James, to help him with his “transition” to a female. The boy’s father, Jeff Younger, is fighting hard against the chemical castration of his son, and currently does not have custody of either of his kids, all because he doesn’t want his son to undergo harmful, life-changing and risky trans procedures. 

This case has been developing for years, and on April 25, “court-ordained transgender ‘experts’ [are set to] take the stand” to convince the court that it should side with Georgulas, The Dallas Express reported over the weekend.

Little James’ mother started his transition when he was just two years old, and his school helped out. After the couple split, Younger said he would put James in little boys' clothes to send him to school, and then the school would change him into girl clothes per his mother's wishes. This obviously upset the father, who said his wife was clearly manipulating their young son into believing he was a girl.

The divorced couple, who both lived in Texas at the time, began fighting for custody over James and his twin sibling, and Georgulas fled to California with the kids.  In 2022, Younger petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to force the return of his children, but in December 2022, the court rejected the petition, and the kids are still in California with their mother.

“My case is proof that the statutory design of the Texas Family Courts is abusive of the liberty of Texas citizens," Younger wrote in a text message to The Dallas Express. "The family courts are a clear and present danger to the welfare of Texas children. Judge ‘Bloody’ Mary Brown, 301st District Court, stripped me of parental rights without possibility of appeal, just because I want to raise my son as a boy."

California has very loose restrictions when it comes to transitioning minors. As a matter of fact, the West Coast state seems to encourage the practice, and considers itself to be a sort of “refuge for trans kids and their families” who choose to flee states that don’t support child abuse.

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Younger has been vocal in asking for support in his fight to keep his son healthy and out of harm's way. He recently appeared on Unfiltered with Blaze TV where he shared the full story, urging people to go to his Facebook page called Help Save James which amasses over 41,000 followers for daily updates on the case.

He also insisted he needs help to “save my son” and made a Give Send Go account to collect donations to help cover the legal fees of the case.

It’s heartbreaking to hear about little James’ life being put at risk throughout this story, and it's even more heartbreaking to realize that stories like James’ aren’t even that rare anymore because of how pro-trans and anti-child safety our nation has become.

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