Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck’s Teenager Announces Trans Name at Grandfather’s Funeral

April 10th, 2024 11:57 AM

I’m unsure if there really is a good time to announce your transgender name, but I know that there are certainly bad times - and your grandfather’s funeral is one of those times.

Actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck share a daughter, Seraphina Rose, who recently came out as transgender and changed her name to Fin. The 15-year-old made her, or “his,” first official appearance with the new name at her grandfather's memorial service.

Unironically, the teen introduced her/himself as Fin before reading a Bible verse. 

“Hello, my name is Fin Affleck,” Serephina Rose said and then began reading Proverbs 16:8. “Better is a little with righteousness, than a large income with injustice,” the confused child said before funeral attendees.

She wore a black suit and tie for the occasion and had her hair trimmed down to a buzz cut.

Unfortunately, Fin is a victim of divorced parents which has a tendency to cause mental health struggles in children. I mean think about it: they see their parents loving each other and choosing each other for years and then all of a sudden, that “forever love" vanishes with some paperwork. Though I personally will never know for sure, this may have led to Fin’s struggles with truth and self. 

Additionally, Fin’s step-sister Emme, who’s the 16-year-old daughter of Jennifer Lopez and step daughter of Ben Affleck, uses gender-neutral pronouns.

Monkey-see, monkey-do.

These aren’t the first of celebrity kids to come out as some part of the lgbtq spectrum. 

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ son Ruby came out as transgender in 2021. Actress Angelia Jolie’s daughter Shiloh started experimenting with gender neutral clothes as a child. Later on the child went by John or Peter for a time and has been spotted in both masculine clothes and ballgowns. 

The thing is, being something you’re not has become a trend. It’s become popular and been touted as something that’s not only acceptable but encouraged. It breaks my heart for these celebrity kids, and regular kids who are subjected to these influential figures, that think behaving in this way is normal.