Oregon Sex Ed Curriculum Leaked: Gender & Sex Differ

April 4th, 2024 12:09 PM

This is one of the primary reasons I plan to homeschool my kids.

A portion of the sex ed curriculum from an Oregon school was just leaked after Libs of TikTok posted photos obtained by a parent. The images indicate that gender identity is not the same as sex and provided a graphic detailing where on the body these terms come from. Naturally, users on X are outraged by the blatant grooming done by the lesson.

According to Libs of TikTok’s post, an Oregon parent asked his child’s school for a copy of the curriculum used in sex ed class. The school refused to send it but instead instructed the parent that he could come into the school and view the curriculum on a school computer.

When the parent went down to the school he took a photo of two of the pages of a particular lesson in the class. 

The pages show a drawing of a person with various graphics that correlate to terms. The brain is correlated with “gender identity.” The description for gender identity is “a person’s sense of self in relation to gender.” AKA, it doesn’t have to match a person’s sex.

There was a little fire emoji right at the top of the person’s chest which was linked with “sexual orientation.” The description had three parts: “1. Orientation: Who a person is sexually attracted to 2. Behavior: How a person behaves sexually 3. Identity: What a person calls themself.” 

Below the fire emoji was a heart which linked to “Romantic Orientation” which was described as “Who a person is romantically attracted to.”

Over on the left was a tab that said “Assigned Gender/Sex at Birth” and it was connected with an arrow to a green star over the person’s crotch. “The gender/sex assigned at birth based on a person’s genitals,” the description read.

Finally, the last tab was linked to the orange outline of the person and was called “Gender Expression: How a person presents themself (i.e. style, actions, demeanor, and more).

This graphic could have very easily been done, and would have been more accurate, with a quarter of the amount of information. There’s no such thing as “assigned gender” or “gender identity.”  You’re either a male or a female. That’s it.

The second page of the lesson captured gave an example of a person named Casey with the pronouns “they/them.” That page indicated how much on the spectrum of each category Casey felt. Apparently "they" was intersex and felt neither male nor female for his gender identity, had no sexual orientation or romantic attraction and felt, in terms of "them's" "gender expression," mostly feminine, somewhat masculine and a portion of “other” so God only knows how this thing is dressing at this point.

In response to the graphic, users were outraged that the Oregon school would teach such nonsense and peeved that the school wasn’t transparent about the content. 

“If schools are not freely sharing all curriculum with parents then the curriculum isn’t appropriate. This is so basic. Parents should immediately pull their kids out if their kid’s school is hiding anything from parents. Yet another reason to homeschool,” one user wrote. Another individual wrote, “School should be shut down for teaching this psuedoscience.”  

A different user pointed out the fact that if schools didn’t have anything to hide, why weren’t they transparent about the lesson from the get go?

“If there were nothing wrong, there would be no reason to hide anything? Aren't we always told that? So clearly, they feel what they are doing would not be received well by the parents who send their children there. They would be right. This is wrong,” the user wrote.

All I can say is that kids at this school need to be homeschooled and fast!