Queers Gather in DC To Fight For 'Palestinian Liberation'

February 15th, 2024 11:21 AM

On Valentine’s Day this year, a group of queer people gathered to fight for "Palestinian liberation." Around 50 people met in DuPont Circle, a neighborhood in Washington, D.C. and marched to the steps of the Human Rights Campaign, where many individuals claimed it was time for queer and trans organizations to “break up with genocide.”

Event coordinators called on influencers, celebrities and organizations that claim to support LGBTQ lives but are “silent” about the genocide of queer Palestinians, insisting that the institutions were complacent about Israel retaliating against Palestine and were "pinkwashing" to justify the genocide of Palestine.

Every speaker insisted that this war involved Israel attacking Palestine when in reality, it was Hamas, the terrorist group that runs Palestine, that started this war and abducted, raped and slaughtered innocent Israeli civilians. But that point didn’t matter to the group Wednesday.

“Where’s the Human Rights Campaign as we’re seeing people being wiped off the map? Entire residential neighborhoods being blown off of the map!" one woman protester screamed. "We are here to say that we are queer and we do not stand with the HRC or any of its liberalist policies that decide to profiteer off of war rather than to stand with the people, including the queer Palestinian people who are here and who have always been here.”

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Another speaker, a transgender man, insisted that the HRC was “profiting off of our struggles.” “He” also talked about "his" identity as a trans person and how the HRC was not actually fighting for “his” human rights. 

“I personally know one thing to be true.: my Palestinian people have been born caring of me, a transgender person of the western empires and me as a Palestinian. You do not speak for us, the conscious queer collective, HRC,” the speaker said.


To wrap up the event, one of the organizers listed off the demands they had for LGBTQ Individuals, groups and leaders to follow. Here are a few that she insisted upon, which are also found on the group’s Instagram:

Publicly denounce the use of pinkwashing to justify the occupation and genocide of Palestinians;

Immediately boycott, divest from, and sanction the systems and entities that enable the genocide, including severing ties with weapon manufacturers and donors profiteering off genocide;

Call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, to lift the siege and for all food, clean water, supplies, and medical support be allowed into Gaza;

Publicly denounce the increased surveillance the Israeli Occupation Forces use against Palestinian queers;

While I absolutely don’t think that anyone’s sin or mental confusion should be the basis for any killing whatsoever, it was ironic that these people were calling on organizations to fight for queer people in Palestine given the tract record of how Palestine deals with people on the LGBTQ spectrum. In 2016, Hamas executed one of their own after he slept with a man. Then, in 2023, a man was beheaded for being gay.

Brendan O’Neill from The Telegraph wrote about this irony back in November when he admitted that when he’d first heard the phrase “Queers for Palestine,” he thought it was some sort of joke. He also noted that many queer Palestinians go to Israel for more rights and posed the question: "How do you think that relationship is going to change now that Israel and Hamas are at war?"

It is grotesque that in New York, London and Berlin, young gay people who enjoy every right known to man are singing the praises of a nation that would happily persecute them, and damning a nation in which they could live freely and happily. “Queers for Palestine” is condemning “Queers in Palestine” to further torment and tyranny.

O’Neill went on to say that these queers were merely putting their virtue signaling above other people’s actual needs. If queers were free in Palestine like the group advocated for Wednesday, their pronouns would be “was/were” as Palestine is not a country that acknowledges anything on the LGBTQ spectrum.

Attendees were told not to talk to any media and were forced to wear masks. Though we had to put them on too in order to be near event queers, we could smell the BO and rotting STDs through our N-95’s and that made an imprint on us that will make the event hard to forget.

In all, this was just another failed attempt by confused progressives about the reality of this war overseas and the role that queer people play, or rather don’t play, in it.

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