‘Dragging’ Kids Away from Normalcy: Groomers on the Go

February 6th, 2024 1:09 PM

Welcome to Woke of the Weak, where I’ll update you about the most woke, progressive, insane, and crazy clips and stories that the left thinks are tolerable and well, point out why exactly they’re nuts.

This week we talked about how the left hates kids. 

For starters, the left thinks abortion should be available at any point and for any reason. Unfortunately, the attack on innocent life doesn’t stop there. If kids are lucky enough to escape the hands of abortion providers, the left makes it their mission to indoctrinate and groom young, impressionable minds to get kids to join their progressive army.

This week we met Miller, whose mother thinks he is “nonbinary” and should use “they/them” pronouns. 

We also saw a video where a bunch of LGBTQ activists whined, mourned, and wept over the fact that laws are being passed that kids - undoubtedly like Miller - won't be able to get transgender “care.” Personally, I think that if you cut off a child’s perfectly good body parts and poison them with hormones, you’re a child abuser…a child abuser much like the drag queen in the next clip who boasted about helping little kids dress and dance in drag. 

Next, we saw a teacher who couldn’t figure out which gender she wanted to to tell her pre-school students in class to refer to her as, and another teacher who insisted that it was extremely important to implement LGBTQ lessons in a school curriculum. 

Finally we saw a lady insist that if a “trans” little girl decides to start dressing more boyish, then she’s definitely not detransitioning. Instead she’s just more "fluid" with her clothing choices. Funny, because I doubt the kid was the one who decided he was trans in the first place - but it’s not like these people are going to listen to me anyways!

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