Vermont Gets $4K in Grants For More Drag Story Hours in Rural Areas

January 4th, 2024 10:42 AM

New year, same grooming goals.

The Vermont Community Fund just gathered four thousand dollars in funds to help expand Drag Story Hour events to rural libraries in the state. According to local Vermont News Channel 3, two drag queens are helping extend the opportunity to groom kids through books and storytelling at local libraries. 

Justin Marsh, who’s drag name is Emoji Nightmare, said he wished for more drag shows when he was a child. 

“I was a queer kid in rural Vermont and this wasn’t available to me,” he said according to the outlet, adding, “I think that’s what’s really important about not only story hour, but organizations like Outright Vermont. They’re really allowing space for youth to arm themselves with the knowledge of gender and sexuality.”

Outright Vermont paints itself as a support group for LGBTQ youth. It's like a local epicenter of gayness for kids.

Marsh and his co-accomplice, Kat Redniss, who’s drag name is Katniss Everqueer, typically host events together. 

“At story hours, especially when we’re going into really rural areas, it might be the first time that a family or a child has seen themselves represented or seen their neighbor represented, or that just gives them language to express their feelings,” Redniss told the outlet. 

Now, with the funds collected, those groomers' goals will be met! The Vermont Community Foundation’s Samara Fund will “help us offer eight story hours to small, rural libraries across the state in 2024,” the queens wrote on their webpage about their story hours.

A new push is underway to expand drag queen performances to rural libraries. Vermont just got a grant to fund it.

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) January 3, 2024

The Samara Fund is a “group of queer and trans vermonters committed to a vision of transformational grants and scholarships to the people and groups throughout Vermont who demonstrate their dedication to the empowerment, health, and safety of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and HIV positive (LGBTQ+) people,” according to its webpage. This fund has donated tons of money to push wokeism in Vermont. In 2021 it awarded $38,000 in grants to various nonprofits and individuals who aim to push LGBTQism in the state. This past November, $112,230 was given from the Samara Fund for similar causes. MRCTV reached out to the fund to ask where the money comes and the group said the following via an email:

The Samara Fund is supported by an endowment and annual donors. Annual funding comes almost entirely from individuals based in Vermont who support LGBTQ+ Vermonters and LGBTQ+ organizations operating in Vermont. The endowment has grown mostly through bequests by LGBTQ+ Vermonters. 

In response to the effort by Emoji Nightmare, Katniss Everqueer and the Vermont Community Foundation’s funds for such an indoctrinating cause, users online were peeved.

“Drag queens are performers who can't even make money in strip clubs with people who like it! It's no wonder they want to expand their market to underaged children trapped in public libraries,” one user wrote after the End Wokeness account shared a news clip covering the situation. “Vermont wants to normalize ped*philic, predatory, and grooming behaviors,” another user added. One more wrote, “Locals should tell them to take their adult autogynephilia issues back to the clubs and stay out of the family areas.”

It’s rather disturbing that the state of Vermont cares so much about pushing the leftist agenda and anti-americanism down the throats of its locals, most especially its kids. If you’re looking for a place to settle in the mountains, I’d look somewhere else!