'Brilliant!' CBS Mornings Gushes Over Trans Stories

November 14th, 2023 11:50 AM

I seriously wonder sometimes how CBS Mornings still has viewers. 

On Tuesday, CBS Mornings highlighted actor and comedian Marlon Wayans’ life as a father of a transgender child, and later in the show chatted with transgender author Raquel Willis who dedicates “her” life to “inspire and elevate” “transgender women of color.”

Talk about a show with an agenda, amiright?!

Towards the end of the seven o’clock hour, CBS Mornings host Vladimir Duthiers shouted, “Let’s talk about Marlon Wayans.” The segment then played a clip from Wayans’ recent interview with iHeart Radio’s “The Breakfast Club” show, in which he talked about his experience being a father to his 23-year-old daughter-turned-son. 


“My daughter Amai is now Kai and so I talk about the transition. Not her trans — er, his — their transition, but my transition as a parent going from ignorance and denial to complete unconditional love and acceptance,” Wayan said, very obviously still struggling with what pronouns to use for his kid.

CBS Mornings raved about Wayan’s boldness. 

“I like how he says he got there. First he had this ignorance, he had this deniability, and he had to overcome that. It was a transition for him,” Duthiers said. 

Then host Gayle King opened her mouth and said, “I love that he’s talking about it, talking about it so publicly. I think so many people need to hear that because it was clear it was difficult for him, he admits that, and now he’s here.”

If that didn’t make it obvious enough that CBS Mornings has adopted an “all in” attitude toward the transgender movement, less than an hour later on the show, even more pro-trans propaganda was highlighted. 

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Around 8:35 am on Tuesday, CBS Mornings invited author and activist Raquel Wills - a male - onto the show to talk about “her” new memoir, “The Risk It Takes To Bloom” and about “her” role as a progressive activist.

“I think for me as a black trans woman coming from the South, someone who embarked on a journalism career and activism career, it’s required a lot of moments where I’ve had to take the risk to shatter expectations, and to allow myself to move through maybe difficult moments to emerge on the other side, hopefully more brilliant than ever before,” Willis began. 

King chimed in saying, “Brilliant is the word. You look fantastic, Raquel.” 

Then Willis began talking about how as a child she tried to “pray the queerness away,” as King put it. “My parents were devout Catholics,” Willis said, "so we were also dealing with religion but we were also dealing with the expectations of black masculinity in the south.”

Host Tony Dokoupil brought up a Gallup poll which indicated that most people think it’s morally wrong to change your gender and asked Willis to explain how he deals with that sort of opinion. 

“It’s really just a blooming and emerging of what was already there,” Willis said. The hosts nodded in agreement, helping affirm Willis’ delusion even more. 

King opened her mouth, yet again, asking,“Isn’t it about changing people’s expectations? That people need to understand that this is a reality and this is a truth and that you might not understand it, but it is a reality.”

Living as something that you really aren’t and won’t ever be is the “truth” and “reality”? Really, Gayle?

“The more you talk, that's [what] people need to understand because trans violence is a real issue and it’s a real problem,” Gayle said to add just one more soundbite of how pro-trans she is. 

Ultimately CBS Mornings is obsessed with the transgender movement, and if you don’t like waking up and drinking your coffee with a side of wokeism, I suggest switching to a new breakfast television program. 

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