Miss Universe Owner Files for Bankruptcy After Accepting Transgender Contestants

November 10th, 2023 4:43 PM


For your weekly dose of comical news, the Thai based owner of Miss Universe, JKN Global Group, has filed for bankruptcy. This comes after accepting multiple transgender contestants for the 2023 pageant set for November 18. 

True comedy if you ask me. 

Transgender activist Anne Jakrajutatip, who's transgender as well, runs the pageant and is part of JKN Global Group who bought the organization for $20,000,000 in 2022.

JKN Global Group insisted it is trying to resolve a “liquidity problem” and filed for bankruptcy with the Thai Bankruptcy Court. The group’s petition for business rehabilitation is set for January 29. 

In a statement published on the JKN website, the group claimed that Miss Universe Fans “will remain a top priority” and that the 2023 Miss Universe pageant will still be proceeding as scheduled.

In response to the the recent news, JKN Global Group has recently announced its strategic corporate financial management plan to cope with the current financial situation. We are confident that the new plan will support all of the company's business operations, including Miss Universe. We confirm that Miss Universe 2023 will be held in El Salvador on 18 November 2023, where a top notch experience provided to our fans will remain our top priorities. We reaffirm that the legacy of Miss Universe will be carried on by JKN Global Group as envisioned from the beginning.

The pageant has a seven decade long history, but it’s no surprise that this is the year it starts to epically fail. First of all, it’s run by a tranny, and you and I both know things don’t tend to go well when delusional people are in charge. Not to mention, in July, the Netherlands announced their winner in the Miss Netherlands pageant - a dude with a ton of makeup and a tight dress. Not only is the Miss Netherlands winner not the fairest in all of the Netherlands, but he's also a man!

Then, in October, Marina Machete, a 28-year-old flight attendant won the title of Miss Portugal, and he too is a biological man. Both trannies will compete and be eligible to win Miss Universe in just a few days. 

It’s really a no brainer that Miss Universe is failing financially. I wouldn’t support an organization that allows men to lie, cheat, and steal titles from perfectly eligible, more beautiful and more qualified girls any day. 

All I’ve gotta say, like we’ve said time and time again - get woke, go BROKE!