Detransitioner Who Struggled With Multiple Personalities, Sues Doctors Who Ruined Her Life

October 23rd, 2023 3:25 PM

According to an exclusive report from DailyMail, Layton Ulery just sued a number of medical professionals who facilitated her gender transition as a young woman. Ulery, who described herself as a “fractured and unstable” adolescent at the time, is suing her former doctors for malpractice after saying they treated her mental health with scarring, life-altering drugs.

According to the report, Ulery said she was part of a cult since she was six years old. As a result of the abuse at the hands of said cult, Ulery said she began experiencing symptoms of multiple personality disorder, claiming that "her ‘mind and body’ were inhabited by eight separate identities,” DailyMail reported. 

Ulery left the cult at 18 years old after years of “sexual, physical and psychological torment” and even an attempt at conversion therapy to “cure” her from feeling that she was lesbian. Due to her split personality disorder, Ulery was labeled “practically and legally disabled under Rhode Island law.” 

To help cope with her dissociative identity disorder, with which she hadn’t yet been officially diagnosed, Ulery met with therapist Julie Lyons. Ulery was struggling with multiple personalities, not gender confusion. Yet Lyons “quickly jumped to the conclusion that Layton had gender dysphoria and began convincing Layton she was a transgender man in need of further medicalization,” the report reads.

The lawsuit obtained by DailyMail alleged that Lyons didn’t even conduct any pre-screening to properly diagnose Ulery, and even brought her own boyfriend to a session with Ulery to perform an “experimental hypnosis technique." When Ulery could no longer afford treatments, Lyons reportedly allowed her to visit pro bono as long as she referred other patients to Lyons' work. 

Talk about having an agenda!

According to the lawsuit, Lyons recommended Ulery visit with more doctors who’d push that same agenda even further, including Dr Jason Rafferty from Thundermist Health Center, who prescribed Ulery testosterone despite her feeling “not certain” about taking those hormones. As a matter of fact, Ulery showed numerous “red flags” that should have been indicators to doctors that she wasn’t transgender, including the fact that half the time, when experiencing a different personality, Ulery was unaware or couldn’t remember what decisions she did or did not make. 

When Ulery began gaining facial hair among other changes, she disclosed that she wanted to stop taking testosterone. As a result, the staff at Thundermist who used to provide transportation for Ulery to and from appointments “dried up” and responded with “cold, disinterested apathy.”

Ulery then began seeing Dr. Michelle Forcier, who made headlines last year as the woman in Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman” documentary  who she claimed infants can decide their gender identity. The lawsuit states Forcier “looked right past” all of the red flags that were on Ulery’s chart and continued forcing a transgender identity. 

By God’s grace, Ulery eventually got the treatment she actually needed. She concluded that “body dysmorphia brought about by a late puberty, childhood bullying, trauma from sexual assaults, and an unhealthy perspective that she could never achieve the beauty of all the women she encountered on social media and TV,” led to her vulnerability that doctors had no problem exploiting.

Ulery is now suing Lyons, Rafferty, Forcier, the Thundermist Health Clinic, and others as a result of their alleged malpractice. 

Time will tell how the lawsuit pans out, but if you ask me, no medical “professional” who pushes the trans agenda on kids, or any mentally unstable person, should be allowed to practice medicine in any way, shape or form.