Reporter Kicked Out of Trans Event After Asking 'What is a Woman?'

September 29th, 2023 4:06 PM

Timcast news reporter Elaad Eliahu was escorted out after asking the panel to define the word "woman" during an event at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

The event, entitled "Trans Rights in America, was set up by Georgetown College Democrats in protest of The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles’ speech that was taking place the same night, and featured trans activists from across the country. Panelists included Montana State Representative Zooey Zephyr (a biological man who pretends to be a woman), former Hillary Clinton Press Secretary Charlotte Clymer (another biological man who pretends to be a woman), Oklahoma State Representative Mauree Turner (a girl who wants to be referred to as more than one person), and journalist and activist Erin Reed (a biological man who pretends to be a woman who is in a "lesbian" relationship with Zephyr.)

Let’s just say the bunch was as wild as a zoo. And 

During the Q&A portion of the event, Eliahu approached the microphone and asked, “So, what is a woman? And if it is just self-identifying, then is there any limiting principle to that?”

Apparently there were audible gasps from the likely entirely pro-trans audience. Oh what I’d give to have heard it. LOL.

Clymer, being the gentleman - sorry, the gentleWOman - he is, offered to take the question and asked Eliahu to provide the definition of a woman first. “I’m a journalist, so I came to ask you,” Eliahu replied. “Well, I want to ask you: what is a woman,” Clymer asked. 

Eliahu answered honestly about what a woman is and always will be, pointing to genetics and chromosomes. “Two X chromosomes,” Eliahu said. 

At this point in the video you could hear the audience begin to get uncomfortable. There was bustling in the seats and people looking back and forth from the panelists to Eliahu in anticipation. 

God forbid someone ask for scientifically proven definitions. 

As Clymer finally began to spoke, a rude audience member shouted out, “I don’t think this is the venue.” 

Shut up, Karen.

Finally Clymer spoke.

“There are cis-gender women with XY chromosomes, there are cis-gender men with XX chromosomes. Chromosomally, we can’t determine what a woman is,” he said. “Biologically, it’s very hard to define. This is what we see over and over again.”

Really? Biologically, save for rare anomalies that have a medical cause, a woman has XX chromosomes. A man has XY chromosomes. The End.


Clymer added, “What really angers me about this question is that the people asking it never seem to be able to give a straight answer themselves.”

Sir, Eliahu just gave you the definition and when Eliahu noted that himself, Clymer said, “Eh, you didn’t though because you just gave an answer that was literally just defined chromosomally, is what I’m saying.”

YES! THAT'S THE POINT, NIMROD. Gender is defined chromosomally! 

The two went back and forth, and when Eliahu asked for the second to last time, “So what’s your definition of a woman?” the same rude audience member said, “It sounds like you just got one, dude.” 

How rude of her to assume Eliahu’s gender! 

Eliahu asked one final time if Clymer had a definition, to which Clymer replied, “I don’t."

Moments after the encounter, a person in a suit approached Eliahu and said he could only ask one question. According to Eliahu, the person then put his hand on Eliahu’s back and escorted them out of the “all are welcome” event.

It really is ironic that the left struggles to answer some of the most basic questions there are. But then again, confusion and delusion has completely taken over!