Teen Vogue Harps on Transgenderism For Back To School Tips

September 8th, 2023 10:48 AM

As kids are heading back to school this fall, many magazine and media outlets are providing tips for kids and parents to start the year off strong. Whether it’s backpack recommendations, easy school lunches, or trending styles, the articles seem harmless. However this year, Teen Vogue took a different approach.

In a September 6 article, Teen Vogue provided almost 1,000 words detailing how young kids can come out as transgender this 2023-24 school year. Talk about twisted priorities!

The article, written by Fortesa Latifi, was titled, “Trans Kids on Coming Out at School,” and was listed under the outlet’s “Identity” section. She started out talking about one student who was prepping for the school year.

“One of the tasks on his list is one many students don’t have to think about: telling his teachers he’s trans,” she wrote. 

Latifi then wrote a few questions that  “trans” kids may be worried about, including, “Will their teachers use the correct pronouns? Will their peers be accepting? Will they be allowed to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity?” (I say “trans” in quotes because I don’t think there’s such a thing as a transgender child. Nobody should - or can - switch their gender on a whim.)

Nonetheless, Latifi explained the strategy that one child’s mom uses to keep her “trans” son - or, I guess, "daughter" - comfortable: emailing teachers prior to the start of class to alert them about her son’s delusion, which she calls his “identity.”

Sorry, but if you have to have your mommy email your teachers on your behalf before the start of school, you’re too young and immature to be making a decision of this magnitude.

In the Teen Vogue piece, Latifi encouraged trans kids to use the bathrooms of their choosing. Despite the fact that there have been documented cases of males entering female restrooms and raping biological girls in the past, Latifi expressed support for one biological male student who felt “supported” in using the women’s restroom.

Latifi also cited one biologically female student who started hormone treatments, insisting that they made her feel “more himself.”

Teen Vogue is now encouraging kids to take hormones to permanently modify their body. GREAT! 

The outlet missed the mark. Rather than teaching kids how to change who they really are, how to lie, how to believe a delusion and how to chemically change their bodies for the start of school, Teen Vogue should be talking about how to navigate an increased workload, how to find community in school, the importance of joining extracurricular clubs or what freakin’ backpack is trending this year. It really is that simple. This progressive crap has got to go.