Amid Bud Light Controversy, Levi’s Brand Stands with Its ‘Gender Neutral’ Clothes

May 11th, 2023 11:51 AM

Amid the utter chaos surrounding Bud Light’s disastrous decision to use a transgender influencer, Levi’s brand has stood by the progressive push. Though Bud Light lost nearly $6 billion so far, Levi’s asserted that there’s “definitely consumer appetite for” queer marketing. 

If companies have anything to learn from the latest failures, it's that if you align all your marketing and strategies to push the woke, progressive narrative, it’s highly likely that you’ll go broke in one way or another. But, Levi Strauss & Co. somehow doesn’t seem to be too worried about that. 

The brand’s CEO, Chip Bergh, spoke with Axios and boasted about how the 170-year-old San Francisco-based brand has been developing gender-fluid garments. Axios reporter, Hope King, brought up the backlash Bud Light received.

‘'Bud Light's recent marketing stunt shows where the backlash can come from," King said before asking her question. "How do you market products in a world where people are more aware of their gender identities?"

Here’s Bergh’s response:

We know that some women buy some men's products and some men buy women's products, we know that that goes on, we've got the research and the data to show it. That's great. We are building out slowly, it started with a small collection of gender neutral or gender-fluid line, and there's definitely consumer appetite for that. And we're there for that.

The brand launched its unisex styles called “Line 8” back in 2017 and aimed to “go beyond simply putting a feminine twist on a masculine style.” During the Pandemic the brand stated that their queer clothes were more about “styles that work equally for all — non-binary, female, and male bodies.”

“In September 2020, Karyn Hillman, Levi’s chief product officer echoed these sentiments - saying that their denim molds to your shape, regardless of how you identify,” Daily Mail reported.

On its website, Levi’s shared a video where a few different models talked about their experience with the clothes. Unironically, the models weren't people who simply want looser clothes or to share clothes with their spouse. They look like they’re trans, gay or part of the queer team. Seriously, a dude with long hair in a dress and heels and a woman with a bunch of loose fabric in her frontal crotch area. I wonder why.



Don’t worry. In the three years since that video was posted, it has only gained 78 likes. 

To be frank, I doubt anyone would have even cared that much if Levi’s made clothes that were designed to be tighter on men and looser on women. Who gives a crap? What’s annoying is when the brand tries to use these campaigns to push the progressive, woke agenda. 

It's seems to be the same with Bud Light. I bet if they released packaging in pride colors they'd be in a hell off a lot less s**t than going full force with a man parading around as a little girl. 

In the past, Burgh has pushed other leftist propaganda, so it’s not surprising that under his leadership, Levi Strauss & Co. has pandered said narrative. He donated $3 million from the Levi Strauss foundation to Georgia to fight against voter ID laws, and he's been vocal about his opposition to guns.

Time will tell with this obvious leftist push how long Levi’s will last before it’s getting wokeness gets them broke.