Ladies Boycott Anthropologie After Using a Male to Model Their Dresses

May 8th, 2023 11:08 AM

Anthropologie, the popular women’s brand, is under fire after using a male model to showcase their spring dresses. Naturally, real women were  outraged and sought to boycott the brand causing Anthropologie to cave on its post and disable and delete comments. 

At this point, I don’t know why brands try to get woke. We’ve seen time and time again how this doesn't work. Take Disney for example, or most recently, the ultimate failure that is Bud Light. It doesn’t work yet brands never seem to learn that lesson. 

On May 4, Anthropologie posted a video promoting the brands “bold, beautiful dresses.” Instead of using the beautiful models that it has used in the past, it chose to use a queer-looking man who paired the dresses with various pink high heels. 

Aside from the fact that the dresses, which were designed for women, didn’t even fit the dude’s broad shoulders, his bulge was...well...bulging out everywhere. It wasn't a sight for sore eyes, not sore eyes or frankly, any eyes.

When women saw the post they went ham condemning the brand’s disturbing choice to use model, Harper Watters.  

“Seriously? I don’t want to see a man’s bulge as he’s twirling in a dress. This is not the way to go Anthropologie. Looks like my recent purchases are going back to the store,” one user wrote before Anthropologie deleted the comments, according to Breitbart.

Another said ,“So you hired the patriarchy to sell women’s clothing then turned the comments off when we all weren’t jumping up and down in pigtails like Dylan Mulvaney over it?” Others mentioned how Anthropologie was not just trying to “silence women” but also “erasing women.”

Over on Twitter, women’s health and fitness advocate, Gina Bontempo, shared responses from women that were posted on other Anthropologie posts that didn’t have comments blocked…yet. 

One said, “Later Anthro," one user said. "You should’ve learned from Budweiser.”

“You may not hear us, but we’ve certainly gotten your message loud & clear," another user wrote.

On the other hand, Watters, the “highest ranked black and queer dancer” with the Houston Ballet, received roaring applause over on his Instagram.

“Let the haters hate, they’re just jealous they aren’t as graceful or as kind as you are,” one girl commented after Watters shared a reply to conservative podcaster, Allie Beth Stuckey.  Another said “best ad they’ve ever done” and one more added, “great choices, great dresses, great model!”

It’s obvious that Anthropologie is just one of the latest to cave to the woke mob. And who’s the ones that are the target of the attack? Yes, yet again, women. For a side of the aisle that claim to be uber feminists, hiring a man to do what a woman could have done 1000x better is certainly not a way to show that women have value.