'Gender-Fluid' Students Win Prom King & Queen at Ohio HS

May 5th, 2023 3:24 PM

At Kettering Fairmont High School in Ohio, a queen and king were selected for prom royalty. This year, however, they were both gender-fluid.

Both royals wore gowns to the prom and had longer, girl-ish hairdos. Rosita Green was hailed as the king and Dai’sean Conley won queen. Frankly, it’s unclear what actual genders these two are, but according to the jawline and wide shoulders of Conley, it’s safe to guess he's a biological man and Green, with what looked like real boobs, is a biological woman. 

Supposedly, gender fluid people are those that can pick from any of the imaginary 97+ genders at any given moment, so one day they may decide they’re a boy in the morning and then a girl in the afternoon. You can see how this could be complicated and confusing, but that pretty much sums up the woke mob as a whole. 

After the royals were selected, controversy and chaos erupted within the Ohio town and now the story is reaching national headlines. 

“i’m beyond grateful for all of the support i received. the lgbtq really took over last night, & is it really an iconic moment if there isn’t a group of haters?” Conley wrote on his Facebook page with various photos from the event.

Yet, he also mentioned that when he’d received the queen crown, a number of students booed. 

As noted by WDTN News 2, “It was hurtful to Conley, and it took her time to heal.”

Please, spare me the drama. What about all the actual girls who’d dreamt of getting crowned as prom queen one day that once again lost to someone mocking them. 

Following the initial shock, residents in the community are gathering to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

“[W]rite a policy requiring prom court candidates to run from a position linked to their biological sex,” one woman suggested, according to the Dayton Daily News, adding, “schools harm children when they play along with this charade…what Kettering allowed to happen at prom is normalizing something that isn’t normal.”

You can say that again gf. 

Another resident said, “'Til the last few years, about all the history in the world, it’s kind of been understood. So...for whatever reason the last few years, it’s has been questioned. And I don’t think that’s a good thing for society.” 

Unfortunately, as for this Ohio school, the school board isn’t going to intervene or make any changes about prom court as they’re decided by students and the student council. While the idea of prom king and queen titles being passed to anyone and everyone doesn’t necessarily harm anybody, it does further the leftist narrative that this type of delusion is normal and that alone is damage enough.