Verm. Principal Pulls "Male" & "Female" Terms From 5th Grade Class

April 28th, 2023 2:41 PM

Don’t you love when schools teach kids lies? No? Same. 

A Vermont elementary school sent a letter last week to fifth grade parents indicating that it would deny science in order to cater to leftist progressivism.

The school will no longer use the words “male” or “female” in class. 

The principal at Founders Memorial School in Essex Junction, Verm. issued a letter to parents with the language changes outlined. The letter came prior to the upcoming unit on the human reproductive system and puberty for the students.

God forbid the school teach actual science instead of woke crap. 

“In an effort to align our curriculum with our equity policy, teachers will be using gender inclusive language throughout this unit. With any differences, we strive to use “person-first” language as best practice,” the principal wrote. 

Further down in the letter, the changes were outlined as follows:

●  Person who produces sperm in place of boy, male, and assigned male at birth.

●  Person who produces eggs in place of girl, female and assigned female at birth.

Imagine having a class discussion and being like “Hi I’m Jenna. I’m a person who produces eggs.” Yeah, that sounds totally normal and rolls so easily off the tongue. 

This is just another attempt to indoctrinate kids. If you teach them that gender is up for debate even when learning about their biological selves and the changes they should expect, imagine how confused they’re going to be.

Well, that is likely the goal afterall. 

What’s not ironic is that the principal probably loved writing this letter. Though her twitter seems to be nonexistent now, a simple Google search of her name points out that at one point she listed her pronouns in her bio … you and I both know what kind of people are the ones who list their pronouns.

Jablonski also lists her pronouns in her linkedin profile and has interests in both The New York Times and NPR. It’s no wonder Jablonski is woke, look at the “news” she’s interested in!

Principal Jablonski used to be the school’s librarian for 14 years but moved into the principal position last year after the former principal quit. Judging by her handling of the fifth grade class, I can only imagine what kind of books she’d provide to students.

Caroline Moore, the vice president of Parents Defending Education told The New York Post the following regarding the change:

This manipulation of elementary anatomy and physiology is a bridge too far and a precursor to what we will see everywhere if the proposed changes to Title IX go into effect. A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. We all know this. So why are we pretending we don’t? This is the primary way to differentiate human beings at birth, not “assigned” like a class project. You cannot politically correct yourself out of this.

The Post also pointed out that in June of 2021, The Essex Westford School District’s school board adopted a new equity policy. Supposedly now the schools would start to “use anti-racist and LGBTQIA+ affirming perspectives to inform curriculum decisions starting in Pre-K.”

It's disgusting what schools are doing these days and it's even more disturbing that they’re getting away with it.