‘Hunger Games’ Star Says It’s Important to Support Faith-Based Films In Hollywood

April 25th, 2023 12:03 PM

For an industry that celebrates the devil and condemns Christianity on the reg, it’s refreshing to see a new outlook. 

Hunger Games and Reacher star Alan Ritchson has called movie theaters the new “pulpit,” saying it's important to support faith-based films in Hollywood. 

Ritchson, who is starring in a faith-based movie called Ordinary Angels set to release in October, was on a Zoom “prayer call” with other cast and crew members where he urged everyone to support films that honor the Lord. Ritchson reminded them that it's important that these films be shown in theaters. Though he knows that big screens aren’t necessarily a church, he agreed that it “doesn't change the fact that people are hearing the name of Christ in movie theaters.”  

"If that's where the pulpit is for people who wouldn't normally step foot in a church, then that's still a great way to have that conversation,” he said, adding, “It matters that these films get supported.”

Hollywood is chock full of films and messages that spread anti-Christian bias while at the same time promoting people who dance as the devil. Last month, even “The Office” star Rainn Wilson pointed out the anti-Christian slant in Hollywood when a show he’d been watching featured a preacher-turned-cannibalistic pedophile. (Later he backtracked due to cancel culture threats). 

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Ritchson’s message about supporting films that honor Christ is a great idea. 

“Other people in [Hollywood] watch this and a groundswell kind of takes place in Hollywood that changes things in a real meaningful way,” Ritchson said to Christian Headlines

We’re living in a godless nation. Ritchson was right that if the people won’t go to the church, then the church needs to go to the people. And if movie theaters are where that can start, then so be it.

Ritchson is one of only a few celebrities who have been vocal about their Christian faith. But hopefully, with their confidence as models, others will do the same, and Hollywood's anti-Christian bias will begin to disintegrate.

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