Mothers, Fathers Day OUT, PRIDE Events Still Scheduled at Grade School

April 21st, 2023 4:37 PM

And all in the name of so-called “inclusion.”

An exclusive report from the Post Millennial indicated that the Riverview Elementary School in Snohomish, Washington canceled Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events this year but still has Pride events (yes, with drag queens) scheduled. Supposedly this move is to promote inclusion and avoid “triggers” for students. 

During its latest Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting, the school principal announced that there would be no “Moms and Maple bars” event, which was scheduled for May 11, nor a “Dads and Doughnuts” event scheduled for June eighth. 

Supposedly the school didn’t want kids who perhaps didn’t have a mother or father to feel excluded or “triggered.” Now, that is the case sometimes for students who may have lost a parent or come from a single parent household, but the school could have simply extended the invite to include women or men a child looks up to. Nope. The events were outright canceled. 

And anyway, said the principal, Derek Larsen, Mother’s and Father’s Day events don't reflect the fact that traditional marriages are becoming less and less common. He cited, “examples of varying family dynamics and the increasing complexity of the Riverview community and hopes of increasing inclusivity.”

Good heavens. 

So Timmy who’s got two mommies and no daddy might feel “triggered” by an event that’s made for dads? Sure because a five year old really knows what feeling “triggered” is. 

Supposedly, after nixing the gender segregated events, the school decided on “Donuts with Grownups.” I couldn’t think of a name with a worse ring to it. 

Opponents during the meeting complained of a loss of  “special time with their children now that all grownups can come all at the same time.” But, who cares about tradition when representation and “inclusion” is on the line … right lefties?

Speaking of inclusion, while the school did away with mommies and daddies, it certainly didn’t cancel its upcoming Pride event. Ya know, this raises the question: What happens if a kid is “triggered” by drag queens dancing in fish nets at his school or “triggered” by a woman with a penis? What about them? 

Well, obviously they’re not the priority. Honestly, kids aren’t the priority anyway, except inasmuch as they can be indoctrinated. It’s very clear that the school simply wants to push an agenda and it isn’t the one that promotes a healthy parent/child relationship. It’s the leftist one that promotes grooming, indoctrination and pedophilia. 

Welcome to the public school system. I can’t wait to homeschool my children.