CNN Reports: 32,000 Fewer Abortions In U.S 6 Months Post Dobbs Decision

April 12th, 2023 4:27 PM

Hell to the yeah!

CNN Health released a piece Tuesday with results from a study that suggested that there were 32,000 fewer legal abortions in the United States in the six months following Roe v. Wade being overturned. (This is CNN, so that's supposed to be a bad thing.)

The Society of Family Planning, a pro-abort organization, sponsored the research. It collected data from abortion providers across the nation and found that in the 13 states where life is valued, abortions fell more than 95%. YAY!!! Thats what pro-life laws are set up to do! Save lives!

The group found that since the Dobbs decision, there were 32,260 cumulative fewer abortions from July -- December 2022 when compared to the average monthly number of abortions from pre-Dobbs calculations. That means there were roughly 5,377 fewer abortions per month following Roe’s reversal. 

Praise GOD! Babies' lives have been saved!!

Here’s a table that indicated the  cumulative findings. State by state breakdowns can be found on page 9-11 of this link

Numerous Conservatives were in celebration of the decrease in abortions …

… while the left showed their anger:

While we can celebrate the fact that 32,000 babies' lives were spared,  there’s still work to be done. “While the number of abortions declined overall, those provided virtually through telehealth increased each month and accounted for a growing share of abortions overall. There were more than 8,500 telehealth abortions in December, more than double compared with April,” CNN wrote. 

These telehealth abortions are when a woman chats with a doctor out of state who then prescribes her the abortion pill to kill her baby. With the FDA’s approval of the easy distribution of these drugs, its no wonder more babies have been killed and more women’s lives have been put at risk because of them.

32,000 fewer abortions than predicted is great news but that’s only a 6 percent of the abortions that did still and will still happen. Until that number shows that 100 percent of predicted abortions didn't happen, the fight for life is still ongoing.