Silent Scrub: Netflix Cancels Kids Show About ‘Non-Binary’ Bison Amid Backlash

March 17th, 2023 2:30 PM

The popular streaming platform Netflix recently came under fire for a woke animated kids show. As a result, the platform has canceled the production. 

Karma’s a b***h.

The show, “Ridley Jones” released its fifth season last week which also ended up being its last season. In the show, a bison character named Fred "came out" to its grandmother as “non-binary.”

Fred is voiced by “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” singer Cyndi Lauper and the show was created by a lesbian named Chris Nee. 

According to a report by Daily Mail, Nee claimed the show “was not given any promotion.” I can see why. It looks like it sucked. As evidence, here’s a clip of Fred’s “coming-out” moment:

Unironically the grandma had stereotypical woke hair with a rainbow lesbian haircut. It makes sense that the people that are groomed turn out to be great groomers themselves. The student becomes the master. 

In another clip, the confused bison said she was worried to see her grandmother because the last time she’d seen her she was her “granddaughter,” not her “grand — Fred.”

What a mess. A female bison is identifying as neither a male nor female bison, is using pronouns that make no sense grammatically and uses a male name, Fred. I am an adult and am beyond confused. Imagine how preschoolers feel. 

Here’s the thing: Be a gay bison. Use ten different pronouns. Sleep with whoever will have you. It would be nice if adults didn't have to hear about what gets your freak on, but that's a lot to ask these days. But it's not a lot to demand that you keep it away from kids. This garbage tv show is encouraging young, impressionable kids to accept harmful sexual and gender ideologies. 

It's a good thing this show tanked. I’d rather see that then the inevitable tanking of kids who are exposed to its false teaching.

Nonetheless, the creator was pissed on twitter. She’s private now but luckily, Daily Mail grabbed her sentiments before she went into hiding:

Doesn't surprise me that Netflix has quietly dumped the first preschool show that has a non-binary character coming out. I realize in this day and age dumped means many things. Just zero promotion of the episode.

Oh and yes, this is the end of the series. They cancelled us after what they just put out. They threw all the specials, the xmas special (now?), the feature length special, the CYNDI LAUPER episode and just quietly slipped it onto the service. So this is it.

Now that's a darn shame. But determined groomers will always find ways to target our kids. 

Until then, all I can say about this is get woke, go broke. 

Suck it Netflix.