San Diego ‘Teacher of the Year’ Arrested Over Sexual Misconduct With Student

March 10th, 2023 3:43 PM

Teachers these days are forgetting that their jobs are to teach, not groom kids.

A sixth grade teacher who won Teacher of the Year in San Diego was just arrested on accusations of sexual misconduct with a child. Seriously, where are they finding these people?

Jacqueline Ma was arrested on Tuesday morning at Lincoln Acres Elementary after a report came in from a concerned parent. The parent suspected her 13-year-old had an “inappropriate relationship” with Ma. 

Ma was booked into the Las Colinas women's jail after police developed probable cause to warrant her arrest with six felony counts of sexual misconduct, including “lewd and lascivious acts.”


In a video by CBS 8 San Diego, one mother explained how schools are supposed to be safe places or as she put it, their “second home.” She also mentioned how the situation “really scared” her and that she went to the school as a child and “never had these problems,” but now has to tell her kids how to avoid “abuse.” 

To be frank, this isn’t surprising. Other than California being a s**t show of a state, the public school system is screwed. Teachers all over are focusing more and more on getting their kids to be a part of the alphabet mafia, or about lessons on masturbation, or getting them to read about anal sex than about teaching them actual, academic lessons. It’s no surprise that Ms. Ma sexually assaulted her student, that’s all these schools talk about! SEX!!!

And that’s the kind of teacher that gets the honor of one of five teachers to be named San Diego County’s Teachers of the Year. 

Unfortunately, Ma's $100,000 bail was paid and she was out of jail by Wednesday morning. She has a court date set for March 14.

Things like this are going to keep happening if we continue to allow schools to be cesspools of hyper-sexualization. Look at the lunch lady in Connecticut who is being accused of grooming a 14-year-old kid on social media for months. Teachers seem to be allowed and encouraged to manipulate kids.

While these stories are shocking, they're not surprising.