White House Calls Abortion Pill Restrictions ‘Dangerous’ & ‘Unacceptable’

March 6th, 2023 3:45 PM

The SCOTUS Dobbs decision returned the question of abortion legality to the individual states. But now the White House is encouraging private companies to break state laws and sell abortion pills in states where they are illegal.  

But After Walgreens stated it would not distribute abortion pills in states where GOP AG’s opposed, White House press secretary said such a move was “dangerous and just unacceptable.”

Right, because saving kids lives is somehow dangerous. 

On Thursday, March 2, Walgreens released a statement that it would not dispense abortion pills by mail or in any of the store locations in states where state officials have threatened legal action over the pill distribution. This statement came after a letter from nearly two dozen Republican state attorneys general who threatened legal action. 

Walgreens made the right decision. Republican leaders should get just as much a right to say they don’t want babies killed as Democratic leaders have to say that they do want babies killed. 

Leave it to press-secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to say something stupid about the move.

In her press conference Friday, the day after Walgreens announced they’d respect Republican leaders’ wishes, Jean-Pierre called this an effort of “anti-abortion extremists.”

She also mentioned that the abortion pill, mifepristone, “has been on the market for more than two decades, and is regularly used for both miscarriage management and abortion and is used in more than 60 countries.”

Interesting, then, why a group of doctors and medical groups are suing to overturn the FDA’s approval of the drug. Why? Because it's incredibly dangerous. Not only does it end at least one child’s life but the drug is also harmful to the mother. It facilitates an up to 30-day process of contracting, bleeding and cramping and is “four times more dangerous” than surgical abortions. As a matter of fact, the letter to the FDA mentioned that these drugs increased abortion-related ER visits by 500x from 2002-2015. So no, KJP, the fact that these pills have been around for so long doesn’t mean that they are safe. 

The thing is, Roe is overturned which makes it so that individual states can decide and set their own laws regarding abortion. While it’s insane that the FDA approved pharmacies to distribute abortion pills willy nilly, the only responsible course for Walgreens is to follow the laws of states in which its stores are located.

Too bad the executive branch of the federal government isn't that responsible.

Our leaders are working hand in hand with the devil.