Trans Woman w/Trans Partner & 2 Trans Kids Wants MN to be 'Trans Refuge'

February 3rd, 2023 4:22 PM

What could be better than a Trans mommy/daddy having two trans kiddos? Pretty much anything else.

A transgender “mother,” Amber Mum, recently testified in front of the Minnesota House regarding House File 146 to advocate for ... transgender services for kids. 

Ms. Mum testified in a pink shirt that said something about trans rights, a pink necklace that looked like it was from the dollar store, a Walmart hoodie and hot pink lipstick. He was a real sexy lady.

In his speech he said, “I am also a proud trangender woman but more importantly, a mother of two wonderful transgender and gender expansive children.”

Pause right there. A transgender having two transgender children?! Projecting much? What a Rockwell painting that house must be.

Mum called the bill “lifesaving.” Of course, it's anything but. It expands the use of “gender-affirming health care” and seeks to establish Minnesota as a “Trans Refuge.” Yikes! It would prohibit out-of-state laws from interfering with trans regimens and surgeries in Minn.

So it would be California without the nice weather.

Here’s what the leglistlation’s leader, Representative Leigh Finke, said about it.

Minnesota is a state that prides itself on providing world-class health care, but as extreme anti-trans legislation appears in numerous states, including our neighbors, Minnesota must also become a safe harbor for those seeking gender-affirming care. I want to thank all the testifiers: doctors, parents, and advocates, who joined us today to dispel rumors and lift up the real lives at stake with this legislation. Gender-affirming care is vital, life-saving health care, and it deserves to be protected in Minnesota.

The brief of the bill included numerous “care practices” that would be protected, including surgeries, puberty blockers, hormones, permanent hair removal and voice therapy for “trans people of all ages.”

Great news for Mum’s kids who are trans. I'm sure Mum will be thrilled to help his biological son cut off his whacker and turn into a daughter. Mom of the year award! 

Speaking of Mum, he called anti-trans bills (aka bills that kids should worry about being kids rather than permanently harming their bodies), “outright malicious,” “barbaric” and “hateful.”

Mum wants to castrate children, and we’re the barbaric ones. 

We're so backward that Mum and his “trans partner” have discussed plans to “flee the country.”


Towards the end of Mum’s spiel, he explained that it was “barbaric” and “morally repugnant” for parents and healthcare providers to get in trouble for helping innocent children transition. Yeah, the ones who don’t want kids getting mutilated are the “morally repugnant” ones. GOT IT!

This MAN needs to shut up for one, stop advocating for child abuse and have his own kids taken away. He, and people like it, are the emulation of the threat of the left on our kids.