Another Girl Assaulted By Trans Student In High School Bathroom, Media Quiet

December 21st, 2022 3:32 PM

Here’s the story:

A transgender girl (ie. guy) got mad at another girl because she was ignoring him. As a result, he followed her to the girls bathroom and asked her if she “wanted to fight.” He proceeded to come at her with “clenched fists, pulled her hair and threw her on the ground.” A witness said the boy kicked the girl in the head and twice in the back. Said witness tried to stop the attacker but was punched in the face twice, resulting in a possible concussion. 

The media had barely even mentioned this story. 

The attack took place back in Edmond, Oklahoma in October and The Washington Stand said that “no media outlet covered the altercation” until “the website Reduxx got a copy of the police report on December 12.”

“During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that one of the students involved in the fight is transgender and was using the women's restroom,” a spokesperson for the school wrote

Apparently the student was new to the school and the faculty didn’t know that “she” was actually a “he.”

Luckily however, according to the Stand, Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters (R) has cracked down on the trans bathroom policies in order to help prevent situations like this from happening again. 

According to Walters, the attack is “unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the state of Oklahoma.”

In a Twitter video, Walters mentioned that he’d launch a state-level investigation about the High School where the attack took place and would require public schools in Oklahoma. to keep bathroom policies transparent. 

Our legislature and governor passed and signed a bill that says boys cannot go into girls’ restrooms for this precise reason. We will not allow the radical Left’s Woke ideology to endanger our girls by having boys in the girls’ restrooms, where assaults like this can happen.

That’s just the thing. Public Schools, which are increasingly a target of the woke left’s agenda, focus more on “inclusivity” and pushing wokeism than about the actual well-being of students. 

Look at Virginia schools for example, we’ve got schools considering allowing an After School Satan club, schools that shove Critical Race Theory down students throats, and schools that push any and every LGBTQ aspect into the brains of young kids. Not to mention, Democratic lawmakers who fight against any measures that aim to protect kids and their innocence. 

A similar case happened in 2021 in Loudoun County VA, where a trans-identified male student raped two actual females by entering the female restroom. At the time, the school board and media attempted to brush the situation under the rug to avoid backlash.

And that's JUST in Virginia but, it’s unfortunately what we’re dealing with in the public school system throughout the whole nation. 

The fake female who assaulted his classmates has been charged with Assault and Battery and Disorderly Conduct, but that doesn’t reverse the damage done. 

If change isn’t made, more and more kids are going to end up victims of assault like that young high school girl was and the media and the left won't bat an eye.