New York Times FINALLY Acknowledges Puberty Blockers Are Harmful

November 15th, 2022 3:15 PM

Who woulda thought that stopping a natural bodily process could lead to negative consequences? Uhhhh everyone? 

The New York Times finally admitted what conservatives, or just level headed people in general, have been saying all along. Puberty Blockers are HARMFUL for kids.

Written by Megan Twohey and Christina Jewett, the piece mentioned the stories of numerous children who received puberty blockers per their parents permission. One mother said the blockers were “presented as a tourniquet that would stop the hemorrhaging.” The “hemorrhaging” being the natural process where your body goes through changes to change from a child sized and shaped body to that of an adult. 

Drugs to stop said process have become “the first line of intervention” said the authors, but since they require the suppression of hormones, they cause a number of issues. They stop or slow the development of the reproductive system, the brain itself and a child’s bones too. More specifically, “when adolescents are using blockers, bone density growth flatlines.” 

The blockers are ruining kids' lives and bodies. What perhaps started as a way to validate a child’s delusion has the high likelihood of permanently damaging the child. 

As The Times pointed out, this damage is irreversible.

“Many doctors treating trans patients believe they will recover that loss when they go off blockers. But two studies from the analysis that tracked trans patients’ bone strength while using blockers and through the first years of sex hormone treatment found that many do not fully rebound and lag behind their peers,” the authors wrote. 

These are all things that conservatives have been warning people about, but the left and the media in general have been (and some still are) in denial. The piece is an attempt to course-correct the lies that puberty blockers for kids are the best thing since sliced bread. 

It’s kinda funny to watch The New York Times squirm to correct themselves. Twitter critics pointed out its extremely late to the game “realization.”

Of course, not everyone welcomed the truth.

Well, the tides are changing but not fast enough. Kudos to The New York Times for at least bringing awareness to its liberal audience that not everything the left says is gospel. Hopefully this fuels some good conversation and kids lives can be spared.