Saturday Night Live Aborts Humor to Death

November 8th, 2022 4:43 PM

I get that Saturday Night Live is supposed to be funny. Its just not.

On November 5, SNL released its weekly episode, where cast member Cecily Strong urged voters to vote for abortion during this year’s mid-term election. 

Strong’s character role, named  “Tammy the Trucker,” held a steering wheel, had large sunglasses on with a trucker hat, and sat beside her co-star, Colin Jost. The two must think that abortion is no big deal based on their sarcastic tone and obvious unemotional rhetoric.

Tammy the Trucker was introduced by Jost, whose character was a news anchor interviewing Tammy Trucker.

“Here to comment is Tammy Trucker who promises she’s here to talk about gas prices and definitely not abortion,” he said. 

"Trucker" started by talking about gas prices, but shifted quickly to her pro-abort talking points. 

“All I’m here to talk about is gas even though the Supreme Court sent Roe v. Wade to that big pit stop in the sky. Yeah! Beep Beep! 50 years of precedent. Beep beep, ” she began.

“But what will keep disappearing is safe access to abortion. It’s not really magic ’cause they told us that’s exactly what they’re going to do, and they have been doing it,” she then yelled into her CB radio. 

The premise of the skit was to pretend that Tammy was a truck driver worried about rising gas prices but in reality, just complained about abortion instead. 

These are scary times, okay? Because they don’t want to just take away access to health care. They want to criminalize it too. It’s so bad, us truck drivers are all out here warning each other to delete our period tracking apps from our phones. I just want to know what week to wear my bad underwear, but I can’t in case some d***head in Texas thinks my period is evidence of a crime.

Scary times? What about the scary times a child goes through as its getting his or her body torn apart one limb at a time?

Finally, Tammy gave her concluding lines. 

There’s one mother-trucking thing we can do to fight for mother-trucking freedom to make our own health-care decisions, and that’s vote. And I hope to hell everyone votes. Because remember:  We all love someone who’s had an abortion. I mean drives a truck. Beep! Beep!

Many of us probably do know and love someone who’s had an abortion, yes! But, that doesn’t mean that we should assume or agree that it is good just because we know someone who's done it. Many of us probably love someone that suffers from alcoholism, but that doesn’t mean that we should become alcoholics as well or even accept alcoholism as something remotely good. Same goes for people who’ve had affairs. We can and should still love people who have had abortions but we are loving them despite their sin, not affirming that their sin is acceptable behavior. 

This isn’t the first time SNL has pushed the abortion narrative on it’s show. Last year, Strong dressed as a clown to talk about her own abortion at 23-years-old. Both last year and this year, SNL thinks killing unborn babies is a topic to joke about. 

But unfortunately, that’s the reality of the left in general. They’ve normalized abortion so much that people are desensitized to it. Until people recognize the harsh reality of what happens to a child during abortion, evil takes like this are going to keep happening.