Snip the Nip: Child Mastectomies Up 389 Percent From 2016 to 2019

October 20th, 2022 9:21 AM

JAMA Pediatrics conducted a study about the number gender-affirming chest reconstruction surgeries on U.S. adolescents from 2016-2019. The number supposedly rose 389 percent during the three years, according to The Blaze.

During 2016 only 100 reported adolescents had their boobs removed as part of a “gender-affirming” process. By 2019 that number rose to 489. I’m terrified to see what that number is now in 2022. 

The Blaze analyzed the 1,130 chest reconstructive surgeries reported by the Nationwide Ambulatory Surgery Sample ranging from 12 to 17 years old. 

Over 98% of those surgeries were masculinizing mastectomies. Only 1.4% were feminizing, or augmentation, mammaplasties. Of the children who received the chest reconstruction surgery, 19.9% were also placed on hormone therapy.

It’s one thing to “identify” as a transgender youth but its another thing to actually go through the process of permanently chopping off body parts.  

Speaking of identifying as transgender, the Blaze pointed out that there are 300,000 kids in the U.S. that presently are identifying as transgender. 

After a Reuters report was released that indicated a 70 percent surge from 2020-2021 in trans youth, the Media Research Center wanted to get to the bottom of the exponential growth in kids with gender dysphoria. While we commented on nine of the various factors that facilitate transgender youth, school influence, and (surprise!) the media and parents are among the top. 

Same goes for the situation with the 389 percent surge of child mastectomies in three short years. In order for a child to receive a mastectomy, if done legally, that child needs parental consent. That means that parents sign a form giving doctors permission to perform a mastectomy on minors. What the hell?

While “top” surgery doesn’t necessarily stop biological females from having children it has numerous other repercussions. For starters, you can’t breastfeed your child without breasts. Also, getting your breasts hacked off and having validation and support in doing so, could and probably will, lead to a child hoping for further gender affirming “care.”

Care that undoubtedly permanently ends or affects a child’s ability to reproduce. 

It’s disturbing and unsettling to see the number of kids who undergo mastectomies on the rise but it’s even more unsettling to realize that this is the reality that the left keeps pushing for.