Number Of Trans Youth in 2021 Up 70% From 2020, 9 Reasons Why Media Is At Fault

October 7th, 2022 9:19 AM

In 2020, there were roughly 24,000 new diagnoses of gender dysphoria from kids aged 6-17 but in 2021, that number has nearly doubled in size to more than 42,000 cases. Reason being? The media and society recruiting today’s impressionable kids to force the leftist, progressive narrative and facilitate delusions of gender dysphoria. 

Author David Marcus tweeted an image of a graph from Komodo Health analyzing the findings of an October 6 Reuters report. Reuters cited The National Institutes of Health -- the numbers are staggering. Again, in 2021 there were 42,167 new diagnoses of gender dysphoria. What's more, 17,683 children have started on puberty-blockers or hormones in the last five years, 5,063 of them in 2021. Reuters noted that “These numbers are probably a significant undercount since they don’t include children whose records did not specify a gender dysphoria diagnosis or whose treatment wasn’t covered by insurance.”

Oh great! Even more trans kids!


The Reuters article mentioned a quote from Dr. Rachel Levine the assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, oh and if you didn’t know, Levine is transgender. (And, in case you doubt the media complicity in creating this social contagion, note that Levine was named a USA Today "Woman of the Year" for 2022.)

"Gender-affirming care for transgender youth is essential and can be life-saving," Levine noted.

That’s exactly why we have an issue with this sudden surge of transgender youth. The current administration is not only enabling but encouraging its staff, Big Tech, legacy media and schools to push any and all narratives that promote this gender delusion to kids. 

Here are nine examples accumulated from various MRCTV articles from just the last 12 months that prove who is at fault for this attack on our kids.

School districts buy and push books emphasizing transgenderism

  • In California, a book was distributed to kids that listed ten different sexual orientations and eight different genders. In the same state (no surprises there) kids were trained using a Genderbread Man to learn about what is in between their legs and how to use it. In Portland, Kindergartner’s were presented with explicit and graphic images on transgenderism and over in Minnesota, a principal suggested her elementary school students read a book about a transgender toddler. 


Other than books, schools present lessons on transgenderism

  • school in Colorado encouraged a 12-year-old to question her gender and identity, then told the child not to tell her parents.
  • When MRCTV visited the streets of Alexandria, VA, numerous civilians concluded that schools should continue pushing the trans agenda in curricula. 

Children’s programing pushes the trans agenda

  • Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven reboot introduced a trans character this July. A month earlier, Disney+ put out a show where the male character Baymax explained that men can have periods too. No they can’t … unless they’re actually women. 

Children’s hospitals provide puberty-blockers and hormone therapy

  • Numerous hospitals have been exposed for various pro-transgender youth services. Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital reportedly helped a 9-year-old child switch genders and in Akron Ohio, doctors claimed that puberty suppression helps “buy time.” The hospital in Akron helps kids as young as seven at its “Gender Affirming Center.” 

The media glorifies transgender youth

  • Whether it be CNN, MSNBC, ABC or even Fox News, there’s overwhelming support for gender dysphoria in youth. In June, Fox News anchor’s Brian Llenas and Dana Perino presented the story of a 14-year-old transgender child to show his/her “extraordinary courage” for coming out as trans. That segment aired for Fox News’ millions of viewers. 

Media is silent on many crises that arise as a result of gender dysphoria

  • In August, transgender activist Eli Erlick was accused of sexually assaulting people after illegally distributing hormone pills. The media never blinked an eye. 
  • Not to mention a major lack of coverage for cases where youth transition and then de-transition when reality sets in. Why paint that side if it could convince children and parents that transitioning is not wise?

Celebrities encourage transgenderism

  • None other than JLo introduced her daughter as “they” instead of “she” at one of her performances this past summer. 
  • Singer Camilla Cabello announced a legal fund against Gov. Ron Desantis' bill that promoted transparency from classrooms to parents. Cabello referred to Desantis’s bill as the popular (and false) title "Don’t Say Gay bill."

Big Tech pushes transgender ideology

  • A transgender man attempted to join a sorority in Alabama and TikTok helped him. His videos garnered millions of views. Be mindful that TikTok’s audience is mostly young people. 
  • The McLeod family currently has 2.9 Million followers on TikTok and uses its platform to share the life of a six-year-old transgender child. The page has drawn praise from numerous celebrities.
  • Not only does Big Tech promote transgender ideology, it squashes views that oppose it. Libs of TikTok routinely exposes crazy ideas of the left, many times about transgenderism, and Big Tech censors the account frequently. MRCTV has been censored for similar reasons too.

Drag performers have become normal entertainment for kids

  • In September, numerous drag queens, some even spreading their legs, were selected to perform at back to school events. Drag queens also performed for church congregations. As of late, a drag queen serves as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars which airs on Disney+.

I could go on all day with the dozens of example on how the left is pushing the transgender ideology. The takeaway is that all of these tactics are normalizing transgender youth. Kids see it on TV, at church, in their classrooms, and even from their doctors, so it’s no surprise that the numbers are on the rise. Furthermore, it's become more popular for woke parents to validate this delusion to "fit in" with the progressive crowd than be strong, rooted moms and dads.

Kids are being exploited by unscrupulous people for nefarious ends, and most of the nation couldn’t care less.