EXPOSED: Children’s Hospital Offers Puberty Blockers, ‘Tucking’ Advice to Nine-Year-Olds

October 3rd, 2022 2:29 PM

Gone are the days when nine-year-olds learn long division or how to fill out writing prompts. Instead, kids in Maine get the chance to learn how to bind their boobs to their chest and how to tuck their wieners up.

Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Maine has what it calls a "Gender Clinic" that offers various gender transition services to "trans" children seeking "gender-affirming care," Libs of TikTok revealed.

Libs of TikTok resurfaced a video from 2016 in which Maine's ABC affiliate WMTW featured the story of a nine-year-old biologically male child who, with the help of Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, switched from Benjamin to Lucy. 

The Children’s hospital seemed to pride itself on the various services that it provides to patients from “childhood through adolescence and young adulthood," including menstrual suppression to stop a female patient's period, puberty blockers, and hormone therapy.

The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital "Gender Clinic" page graciously provided links to other insightful resources for kids who need help with their transformation. One article explained which type of tape to use for "tucking," advising readers to avoid duct tape and gaving a helpful tip for patients:  “Many wrap toilet paper or another form of protection around the penis. Wrap tape around the shaft of the penis and pull it back between the legs, use more tape to secure.”

You’re welcome for that visual. 

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, a diagram was provided too! 

Another link brought to an article about safe chest binding practices. 

Binders provide the most compression out of all of the options. Some are designed for people recovering from breast/chest tissue surgery, but there are also some that are specifically for trans-masculine/non-binary youth.

No, thanks. 

In the video with Benjamin -- sorry, I mean Lucy -- Erin Belfort, a psychiatrist at the clinic said it's “crucial for transgender children to get the proper support from their families and the medical community." 

Another doctor at the clinic insisted that trans kids are “probably genetically programmed” to act in such ways and have such desires. 

These people are brainwashed, and they're encouraging the brainwashing of kids.

That kind of lunacy is part of the gender transformation program at Barbara Bush Children’s, where "experts" admittedly support life-altering treatments and medications to affirm young children's delusions. 

More and more each day, it feels that we are living in some sort of dystopian universe. Prayers go out that reality sets in and people see the left's true radical agenda that will do nothing but damage kids.