Actress Olivia Munn Angry About White People, What A Cop Didn’t Say

March 22nd, 2021 4:03 PM

X-Men: Apocalypse star Olivia Munn has gone full woke! She’s canceling cops and white directors of ethnically diverse films! What else does she want?

Probably everything, but what she needs is more reliable people in her Twitter feed and for someone to remove the giant chip on her shoulder. She recently spoke on MSNBC about the Atlanta massage parlor murders. The half-asian actress tore into now former Cherokee County police spokesman Captain Jay Baker and his “racism.” She also talked about anti-asian hate in general and her dreadful life in Hollywood.

When, on March 16th a white man attacked three spas in Atlanta, killing eight -- including six asian women -- the media decided immediately and without much evidence, it must have been a racial hate crime. Then, biased media sources used Vox reporter Aaron Rupar’s misleading Tweet as evidence to concoct false story angles on Baker. They took words out of context and claimed that he excused the shootings as the suspect was having a “bad day.” And though Baker was summarizing what the shooter himself had said, as opposed to providing his own commentary, hate for him circulated. (Well done, Aaron Rupar!)

Munn was quick to join the party of the woke. 

Munn went on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell and brought up her distaste for Baker, who had been slimed (Well done, Aaron Rupar!) She said “To hear this captain actually try to humanize the shooter in this way it …  just dehumanizes all of the victims.” In the interview as well as on her personal Twitter page, Munn brought up Facebook posts, which have since been deleted, from Baker regarding his “anti-asian” views. Back in April, Baker endorsed a shirt that said “Covid-19” on the top and the bottom read “IMPORTED VIRUS FROM CHY-NA.” Add that to the misinformation about him downplaying the attack, (Well done, Aaron Rupar!) Munn concluded he’s an anti-asian racist. 

Munn even demanded Baker be fired. “He is a racist and he shouldn’t have that job.” She also tagged Baker’s Sheriff’s Office in a Tweet and asked that they comment on his previous “racist” posts.



You’ll be shocked to learn that Munn resents white people -- especially the Hollywood whites who give her acting jobs. She told Mitchell:

For the longest time, it has been that White people can tell everyone’s stories. They can tell Black stories, Asian stories, Latinx stories.  We in the minority community can support them in telling those stories and just the fact that all of our stories have been whitewashed for so long and that's been acceptable … everyone else is allowed to tell our stories...the systemic whitewashing … it’s so deep and it goes so far back and it’s still happening even to this day. 

Munn mentioned that the new Tiger Woods documentary was “negative” because it was directed by two white men (Woods is a black asian-american). Munn then proposed that only directors who have lived life the same as the stories they are telling are able to direct identity-based films due to lack of having the same character dynamic and life experiences as the actor or subject. 

So open and tolerant.

Since the “bad day” comment and controversial FB posts, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has removed Baker from the case but per Twitter mob fancy, Munn will probably be rewarded for her resentment with some new roles, or even her own directorial project. That’s how woke works.