'Transphobic A**hole:' Liberals Freak Out on J.K. Rowling After News of Harry Potter TV Series

January 26th, 2021 5:45 PM

Cancel culture has thrown author J.K. Rowling into the Slytherin House once again. Back in June 2020, Rowling made a comment that only women menstruate and now, with news of a potential Harry Potter TV series, fans went off with their “TERF” (trans exclusionary radical feminist) name-calling. Rowling is totally unwoke. So, one could say she's...#canceled 

HBO Max and Warner Bros are reportedly bringing Rowling's iconic book and movie series to TV. Insider’s Libby Torres talked about the “fire” Rowling is getting from ex-fans, “Because of her transphobic comments and actions, many users voiced their anger over the potential new spin-off, with many saying Rowling shouldn't be on the receiving end of any further ‘Harry Potter’-related royalties.”

  • Left-wing Rewire News Group senior editor Imani "Angry Black Lady" Gandy was quick to hop on the disposal of Rowling: “oh, you want me to watch something that's going to put MORE money in her pocket? I think the fuck not.” And when a comment suggested Gandy separate a work from its author she replied with “right. maybe after she's dead. like roald dahl. Lol.” Classy. 
  • “They/Them. Non-Binary TransFemme” Lily Simpson tweeted, “Companies don't give a shit about trans people, not when transphobes have such profitable franchises.”
  • Film critic Sara Clements added, "Harry Potter was the biggest part of my childhood and if it weren’t for the fact that JK Rowling is transphobic asshole I would be so excited for this but really.....who’s even going to watch this now? What’s the point?"

Fans are embodying the typically selfish desires of the left. They want the Harry Potter series but they don’t want Rowling involved. Giving money to a “transphobe” seems barbaric so they’re conflicted and feeding off of other leftists to figure out what the heck they actually stand for. MRC had a great day witnessing again how “the left has completely sold out to this lunacy and the fact that someone as previously woke as Rowling is getting heat for this speaks volumes.” Their mob mentality is not new.

Torres brought up a good point: “Overall, though, users were upset at the idea of Rowling making more money off the series — despite the fact that she likely is continuing to receive royalties from existing ‘Harry Potter’-related movies, parks, and merchandise.” 

Hate to break it to them, but Rowling and Harry Potter are a package deal. Hollywood Reporter’s Leslie Goldberg reminded viewers, “Rowling controls the franchise and has a say in everything involving the property.” Rowling is going to stand by what she believes in just as these lefties are doing, too. The residual “terror” of Rowling’s “transphobic” opinions continues. 

Conservatives are just sitting out and watching the heat as leftists attack one of their own yet again. Tuesday afternoon comedic relief.