Hollywood is Mysteriously Silent on Politics: MRC’s Hamill Reacts on Lara Trump’s Podcast 'The Right View'

March 1st, 2024 4:52 PM

MRC’s Contributing Writer Stephanie Hamill was a guest on “The Right View Podcast” with host Lara Trump and PragerU’s Aldo Buttazzoni on Tuesday to discuss the latest trending news, including the 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Hollywood finally spared us all of the sanctimonious political lectures this year during the awards show, which is a stark contrast to previous years.

Hamill: They didn’t mention Joe Biden one time, and keep in mind these are the same people who helped get Joe Biden in the White House. All of a sudden they’re completely silent— when we’re potentially on the brink of World War III, we have the worst border crisis in U.S. history and it’s an election year. You would think that one of them might have something to say. It’s almost like they collectively agreed to not get political at all because it’s so bad on their side, that they just don’t want to mention anything. Which is a good thing right? We liked Hollywood back in the day, when they weren’t giving us these virtue signaling political speeches on stage. We just want them to pat themselves on the back and talk about their movies.


 Hamill covered the SAG Awards which aired on Netflix.