How Ironic: Conservative Bus Vandalized By Tolerant LGBT Activists

March 24th, 2017 11:50 AM

If you’re not convinced the media is on board with the LGBT agenda, think again.

On the evening of March 23, NYC vandals damaged a bus displaying a conservative message about gender, and even tackled the vehicle’s driver. Although liberal media outlets condemned the bus’s message prior to the incident, few reported on the vandalism and its ironic assault on free speech. And if they did, biased headlines labelled the vehicle “transphobic” or “anti-transgender.”

However, the #FreeSpeechBus doesn’t promote hate; it promotes science. A joint effort between the National Organization for Marriage, the International Organization for the Family and conservative activist group Citizen Go, the bus and its activists are holding rallies and press conferences in key East Coast cities. Their message — and the words emblazoned on the bright orange vehicle — are simple: “It’s biology: Boys are boys … and always will be. Girls are girls … and always will be. You can’t change sex. Respect all.”

Nevertheless, USA Today writer Melanie Eversley headlined her piece: “Bus with anti-transgender message is vandalized in NYC.” Fusion reporter Rafi Schwartz took the same track, writing: “A transphobic ‘free speech’ bus hit the streets of New York — and was immediately vandalized.”

Huffington Post Trends Reporter Elyse Wanshel reported on the bus before it was defaced, condemning its “transphobic message of hate.” So far, Huff Post has not published any stories about the vandalism.

“This bus is on a road trip to convince you that transgender people aren’t real,” wrote BuzzFeed LGBT news reporter Dominic Holden. BuzzFeed also did not report the on the damage.

This is not the first bit of pushback the bus has experienced.

Prior to the American tour, other versions of the vehicle traveled through Europe. In early March, a Spanish bus was barred from entering Madrid. At the time, Chelsea Clinton tweeted: "Please don't bring these buses to the U.S. (or anywhere)." 

The Citizen Go website even had to close for a day because of a hack from an LGBT group.

Liberals have been quick to condemn the “intolerant” and “hateful” message of the conservative activists. However, the NYC vandals and the biased media response reveal two important points. First, free speech is under siege. Second, “tolerant folks” can be some of the most hateful people out there. 

Update: BuzzFeed reporter Dominic Holden did publish a fairly balanced report of the vandalism on Friday afternoon.