Slideshow: Feminists Embrace #NastyWoman As New Rallying Cry

October 22nd, 2016 3:30 PM

1. "Such a Nasty Woman"

Toward the end of the last 2016 presidential debate, Donald Trump muttered four words that sparked a feminist firestorm: “Such a nasty woman.” Little did he know that celebrities, women’s magazines and pro-choice organizations would reclaim the insult for their cause. Check out the following slides to see exactly how feminists responded. 



National pro-choice group NARAL created a sticker in response to the slur. In a tweet, the organization wrote: "A message to Donald Trump from all the #NastyWomen out there: Boy, bye. Get your FREE sticker  #ImWithHer #NastyWoman."

3. Emily's List

Emily's List

Emily's List, the group that works to get Democratic women in office, tweeted: "We're proud to be #NastyWomenWithHer. Get the sticker that can help stop Trump:  #WomenCanStopTrump." 

4. Lady Parts Justice League

Lady Parts Justice League

Fiery pro-choice group Lady Parts Justice League tweeted out the picture above with the accompanying caption: "*hair flip.*"

5. Huff Post Women

Huff Post Women

Huff Post Women tweeted: "Trump, we're coming for you #IAmANastyWomanBecause." In response, a number of women detailed the reasons for their own "nastiness," which included those like this one: #IAmANastyWomanBecause I believe a woman's place is in the House (you know, the big white one built for presidents) #MadamePresident."

6. Refinery 29

Refinery 29

The feminist media site tweeted: "S/O to our #NastyWomen #debate." 

7. Cosmopolitan & Planned Parenthood

Cosmopolitan & Planned Parenthood

Now there's a shirt about this. In a true feminist partnership, Planned Parenthood is getting half the proceeds from sales, and Cosmo is promoting it. I'll give fems this - they're stronger together. 

8. Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

What, pillows too? It's not just shirts, folks. We're going to be seeing a lot more nastiness to come. 

9. Celebrities


Of course, celebrities had their own words to add.