Comic to HuffPost: Pride Parades Not Outrageous Enough

Pride Parades are way too mild and really should step up their game.

Pride parades are too “mainstreaming?” Lea DeLaria, a comedian and star of Orange is the New Black recently said so in an interview with Huffington Post.

If you’ve ever been to or seen photos of a pride parade the sight is a truly frightening one; half naked guys in jockstraps and men walking around in drag. DeLaria believes that the gay pride parades should be more outrageous and more in your face. Not sure how that could be possible.

We are told that the only difference between gay and straight is who they love. How we are all the same. That’s how America was sold gay marriage.

DeLaria thinks instead they, “should be celebrating who we are and fighting for our rights instead of licking straight ass.” The notion that someone could identify as gay and believe that they are just like everyone else, infuriates her. She wants more drag, more nudity and she wants everyone to see it.

She doesn’t care that some people may have reservations about their kids seeing half naked men dancing in the street. Instead, she stated that “[i]f you don’t want to show your kids who we are, then you need to examine your internalized homophobia.” and “[t]here’s nothing wrong with somebody’s ass hanging out of their chaps.” Indoctrinating them young and what would be considered, in other contexts, child abuse.

She wants corporate sponsors to go away unless, “the float from Citibank and the float from Starbucks says Fuck Trump!” To either get rid of the awful Christian protesters or “surround them with huge billboards so you can’t see their signs or see them, and then we should pummel them by playing Barbara Streisand’s “Hello Dolly” as loud as it can be played.”

Her “dream pride” would be modeled after Sydney Pride where all of the bank ATMs would be GayTMs covered in rhinestones and sequins with dyke parties and drag. Pushing the agenda is the main goal here, not just equal rights.

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