Teen Vogue Hails Pro-Abortion Males As Heroes

July 19th, 2022 2:31 PM

No one seems to encourage the murder of babies more than the writers at Teen Vogue. Instead of promoting healthy lifestyles and family growth, these abortion acolytes want to portray abortion as heroic. Emasculated men are used as political props

Teen Vogue writer Fortesa Latifi portrayed four pro-abortion men as heroes and used the stories of young men manipulated by the abortion industry to tout them as the standard for masculinity. 

The first victim was Leo, who got his girlfriend pregnant. Instead of taking responsibility, Leo and his girlfriend murdered their child. The memory still haunted him as much as he tried to deny it. “Maybe, he muses, he would be a more mature and serious person now. Or maybe it would’ve all gone badly,” Latifi wrote about Leo. “There’s no way of knowing. He stops and restarts while talking about it. It was her decision, at the end of the day.” Leo chooses not to be a man and justifies his murder with leftist slogans.

Next was Eugene, who has two dads and a younger brother and fear-mongers over what will happen to the Obergefell ruling allowing same-sex marriage nationwide. He was displeased with their lack of political action. “It frustrates me that they’re not involved,” he said. “I love them to death, but what they’ve done is place the color of their skin and the fact that they’re male over their homosexual identity.”

The next pundit was Bryan, who portrayed abortion as the savior of his family. Bryan, who forced his girlfriend to have an abortion, was happy that his mom also got an abortion because of his cool stuff. “The many opportunities that [decision] afforded us later in life, things my siblings and I probably took for granted at the time, like organic food, extracurriculars, cultural enrichment, and having our in-state tuition paid for,” he stated. Glad to see Bryan thought his sacrifice to Moloch was worth it. 

The final political hack was Chris, who advocated for men to accept abortion and waive all male responsibility. He compared men not involved in the abortion debate to being complicit in the violence of the Buffalo shooting.

“It was like, ‘Oh, that’s sad, but that doesn’t affect me,’” Chris said. “I think with men [and abortion access], it’s kind of the same thing.” Chris now spends his time advocating for abortion online and donating to pro-abortion candidates.

Instead of wanting strong men to raise families, Teen Vogue wants weak men to waive responsibility and encourage the murder of children.