Vice: 'Abortion Rights Are Trans Rights'

May 24th, 2022 3:55 PM

Since the leaked decision on Roe v. Wade, the left has been losing its mind on the abortion issue. From protesting outside of justices’ homes to disrupting Catholic masses, pro-abortion lefties have been pulling out all the stops to rage about the fictitious right to abortion. 

Protestors in Texas rally for transgender rightsAnd they’re dragging allies-in-fear into the fight. “Abortion rights are trans rights,” Vice News’s Neda Toloui-Semnani claimed on May 24, which makes an illogical connection. 

Abortion and transgenderism have been forefront issues in the American culture war. In September 2021, the Texas state legislature passed a law banning abortion past six weeks, followed by twenty-five other states.

Some progressives immediately tried to shoehorn the trendy trans issue into their laments. The conservative movement continued to strengthen its defense of traditional American values. Since January 2022, there have been 156 state bills aimed at pumping the brakes on this ideology, such as banning transgender surgery for minors and preventing transgender adolescents from performing in 

Once again, lefties are tying abortion to the trans craze. “Both anti-trans and anti-abortion legislation tend to equate sex with gender. In other words, they reduce people to their reproductive organs, their ability to carry fetuses to term, their chromosomes or hormones, and their physical frame,” claimed Vice.

The rise of these laws will only make it more difficult for the transgender ideology to be promoted, which terrifies many on the left. “We’re looking at the possibility that we would have to split the family,” according to Alabama resident and father of a gender-confused son Jeff Walker. He lives in a state that will ban hormones and puberty blockers for children. 

Neda claimed the bills are being promoted to serve the political interests of the conservative movement. Quoting the Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda on these laws, she writes that “All of them are connected under one very simple thing: a violation of the human rights of American citizens.”

The irony of this claim was mind-boggling since the article promoted the most blatant violations of human rights through abortion and adolescent mutilation. Neda tried to protect the rights of supposedly marginalized groups by associating the slaughter of the innocent with the transgender craze, so Vice continued to promote blatant lies protecting their most cherished political belief.