Oh My…George Takei Hopes Marco Rubio Allergic to Vaccine

December 21st, 2020 12:22 PM

So much unity!

One-time actor and social media gadfly George Takei is one one of those left-wing celebs (semi-celebs, in his case) who just can’t stop hating. Meathead can’t stop insulting Trump voters, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wants conservatives censored and cancelled. A gaggle of Hollywood types, from A-to-Z listers, want members of the Trump administration jailed for unspecified crimes, while Debra Messing wants Donald Trump raped in prison. 

Takei’s target on Sunday was Sen. Marco Rubio. The Florida Republican has come under some criticism for getting the COVID-19 vaccine before many frontline healthcare workers. And maybe he should be criticized for it. But wishing him sickness or death? Leave it to Mr. Sulu, who no doubt thought he’d come up with a witty tweet.

Real side-splitter, George. The nastiness isn’t new. In 2017, as Rep. Steve Scalise was fighting for his life after being shot by an unhinged Bernie Bro, Takei was calling him a bigot and homophobe. Joe Biden is promising “healing” and unity. He might want to start by asking his Hollywood fans to cool it a little.