Propaganda Push: Movie to Glorify Illegal Abortion Network

The abortion über alles crowd seems to be making a full-court press at the moment. The governors of New York and Virginia are vying to see which can boast the most bloodthirsty “women’s health” regime in the nation. As the competition currently stands, Virginia’s Ralph Northam has proposed legal abortion until the child’s first Tooth Fairy visit, citing the financial burden to mothers and the strain of staying awake long enough to complete the furtive dental transaction.

However, Cuomo is expected to counter by arguing the wellbeing of the mother can be seriously impacted the moment the child is required to take up a band instrument.

“As a man, the Governor doesn’t believe he has the right to dictate the choices of a mother going through the anguish of hearing “Hot Cross Buns” over and over on the clarinet,” an aide explained. “Certainly, the decision to endure the pain of the Second Grade Spring Music Recital must be between a woman and her doctor.”

Meanwhile, Hollywood is lending its heft to the cause with a new pro-abortion propaganda women’s rights-focused movie from Elisabeth Moss and Susan Sarandon. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Alex Ritman, Call Jane glorifies a pre-Roe v. Wade underground abortion network. And get this: “This impassioned and uplifting account of women who fought to overturn oppression could not be timelier as women’s rights face renewed attacks in America and across the globe,” Ritman says.

Of course, the movie is only in pre-production, and Ritman quotes the producer as saying “I have no doubt that Sian will craft a beautiful and important film with our dedicated and amazing cast, Elisabeth and Susan.” Moss herself says “it’s going to be an honest and brave film.” So he doesn’t actually know if it’s impassioned and uplifting, but infanticide fever is sweeping the left right now and anything for the cause, right Alex?

Moss has been staring in The Handmaid’s Tale, so farcical, overwrought stories of reproductive terror are her sweet spot. Sarandon was in … Bull Durham for sure, and didn’t she play a nun worried about a killer on death row? But she’s never met a lefty cause she couldn’t lecture us about.

But who knows? Maybe a movie about a woman’s “burning sense of purpose: to help other women take control of their destinies,” by snuffing out their babies will resonate with some people. It certainly inspires the ghouls who write the press releases Ritman eagerly passes along.

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