Huffington Post Blames Orlando on Christians and Fox News Viewers

Who killed all those people in the Pulse nightclub? According to The Huffington Post, just about anybody who wasn’t actually in the club at the time of the atrocity. Church-goers, NRA members, and those Bill O-Reilly viewers – everybody but the gunman comes in for some old-fashioned (dare we say it?) hate over Orlando.

The liberal publication continued the media’s theme of blaming everyone but radical Jihadists for this weekend’s mass shooting. In the article To Honor The Victims In Orlando, We Must Admit That More Than One Person Is Guilty, author Andrew Sotomayor has plenty of people he’d like to blame.

Like “everyone who watches ‪Pat Robertson, Bill O’Reilly, FOX and Friends.” And “every American President or presidential candidate who ever said that “marriage is between a man and a woman.” They are all murderers.

Don’t forget the average American hunter, because “every card carrying member of the NRA, whether they are shooting animals for sport or for food contributed to this murder.”

Every politician who has ever voted to fund military operations in the middle east contributed to the shooting as well, because that “contributed to the destabilization of a country that lead to the creation of more religious extremists abroad.” Because if the American military had allowed Osama bin Laden to continue running amuck, Orlando would not have happened. Right.

Watch out for this terrifying lot: “Every baker or florist who refused to sell their goods for a gay wedding contributed to this murder.”

And of course, “every preacher, pastor, or priest who’s falsely claimed that LGBT people are “sinners”” contributed to this murder.

God forbid religious people actually follow their Scriptures. Like radical Muslims following the violent mandates in the Qu’ran. But they seem to be the only ones who don’t make it onto this extensive list of blame.

The author believes that he has not “politicized this tragedy in any sort of negative way” by blaming the worst mass shooting in American history on a vast majority of the population. He doesn’t believe that “any of this is an overstatement,” and thinks that calling anyone who has ever gone to a Bible-believing church or watched Fox News is completely rational.

An NBC reporter also thought it logical to blame the attack on Christians, and The View’s Joy Behar claimed that Trump was working with ISIS to kill Americans.

Sotomayor ends the article by encouraging readers to go watch the also rational Samantha Bee’s vile anti-gun rant, where she prays that that NRA be plagued with boils.

But these people just want everyone to love one another, remember?

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