Satanists Donate to NRA in New 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'

For the past few weeks, American Horror Story: Apocalypse has been nothing more than the gross, depraved show we’ve come to know and loathe over the past few years. Wednesday’s episode, however, dropped us a little Halloween treat by directly bashing the National Rifle Association. Here I hoped I only had to worry about the violent gay sex.

The October 31 episode “Sojourn” follows the Antichrist and Satan’s spawn, Michael Langdon (Cody Fern), wandering the world to find a purpose after the death of his beloved caretaker Miriam Mead (Kathy Bates). Although he has all the powers of Hell, he has become disillusioned at the prospect of causing the future apocalypse. To regain his spirits, he walks into a congregation of Satanists as they suffer a crisis of faith on their own. They can’t even be satisfied with the evilest of acts: donating money to the NRA.



Hannah: I need to hear some sins. I need to feel we're making way for him. You. What are your sins? What did you do to usher him in this week?

Woman: I stole a hundred dollars from my register at work.

Hannah: Seriously? A fucking rounding error? You think that's gonna open up the Gates of Hell?

Man: I slept with my wife's sister.

Hannah: I've seen bad face-lifts that are more evil than you. You want to know what I did this week? You want to be inspired? You want to know how I'm helping bring end-times? I robbed a nursing home and I gave all the money to the NRA. Next week I need to feel some evil. I need to be repulsed. I need to feel sick to my stomach. I want to be inspired!

It figures that the Ryan Murphy series believes that nothing is eviler than the National Rifle Association. I suppose that could make sense except for the fact that the NRA isn’t in the top political donators, doesn’t advocate for violence, and is responsible for a total of zero mass shootings. Either the NRA is a pretty lousy evil group or there’s something else going on here.

In reality, the NRA includes millions of innocent Americans who have done nothing wrong and will do nothing wrong. It might be hard for leftists to believe, but all the NRA advocates for is the right to bear arms and protect themselves as is their constitutional right. At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt the left to admit that the group aren’t pure evil.  

Unfortunately, asking this show to do the decent thing may be asking too much.

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