Fox's 'Family Guy' Says Putin Is 'Our President's Best Friend'

Fox’s Family Guy can be pretty even-handed when it comes to its political humor at times, but when it swings left, it swings moronically to the left. The latest episode proves that with a visit from Russian president Vladimir Putin where the show obediently parrots the rigged election narrative.

In the November 19 episode “Petey IV,” Peter (Seth Macfarlane) and his friends watch a Russian bootleg version of Rocky IV and are surprised to see the ending changed to have Drago win the fight. Upset at the change, Peter writes directly to Vladimir Putin himself, claiming that any American can beat up any Russian easily. In true Family Guy fashion, Putin himself comes to Quahog to fight Peter. After he proceeds to pummel Peter with the help of his bodyguards, we get a quick glimpse at his phone where he receives a text from Donald Trump with three cat emojis that asks if he's "up for grabbing some." That’s cute.

Also in Family Guy fashion, Peter befriends Putin and takes a trip to Russia, despite the fact that Russia appears to have lesser quality entertainment and a large number of murdered journalists. Still, Putin is friendly enough to show Peter the device they use to rig American elections and football games, revealing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to be a Russian spy. Perhaps Family Guy believes that’s the only reason Goodell would have ever conceded to Donald Trump back in October instead of the more common explanations like harsh public criticism and cancelled subscriptions.

Putin: Over here is where we rig every American election.

Peter: Eh.

Putin: Also, American football.

Peter: What?! No!

Putin: Is true. Meet my best friend, Roger Goodell.

Peter: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? You're a Russian spy?

Roger: I don't know, Peter. (Russian accent): Why don't you tell me?

Putin: Today we decide which New England Patriot to suspend, eh?

Roger: Da. Tom Brady or Tom Brady? (Both laugh) 

To prevent Putin from suspending Tom Brady from the New England Patriots, the two fight once again, only to end with a civil dance sequence. However, Peter notes in a voiceover that Putin later poisoned him with radioactive tea before he returned to Quahog. The last lines in the episode has him remarking, “I lost half my body weight, all my hair, and I have lesions that'll never heal. That's our president's best friend.” It’s a great way to end the episode if you appreciate being thought of as so stupid you need a billboard to understand satire.

In summary, this episode wants to keep reminding us how Putin and Russia are so powerful and so evil that they could rig our presidential election with ease, place a puppet candidate in charge, and get away with it. I’m starting to think liberals are more flattering of Russia than RT itself. Forget Trump, any left-leaning conspirator could be Putin’s best friend with that attitude.

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