Colbert Gives Final Praise of 'Passionate, Intelligent, and Dignified' Obama at Kennedy Center Awards

December 28th, 2016 12:17 AM

The 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors show on CBS is yet another awards show you probably don’t watch, but it actually honors people who do have talent. However, if we’re to believe lefty host Stephen Colbert, that talent apparently also includes our lame duck president. Barack Obama has proven to be “passionate, intelligent, and dignified” over the past eight years, Colbert proclaimed as the D.C. audience gave him a standing ovation. Give me a break.

COLBERT: I want to welcome all of the distinguished guests joining us this evening. Madam First Lady, President Obama, thank you for being here. (Crowd cheering) This, of course, is President Obama's last Kennedy Center Honors as a sitting president. Next year, if you want to be here, sir, you're gonna have to win one of these awards. And that's not easy. It's not like the Nobel Peace Prize, where they just give those things away. All right? Buckle down. Now, regardless of your political point of view here tonight or watching at home, I think we can all agree that the last eight years, the White House has given us a leader who is passionate, intelligent and dignified. (Crowd cheering) Sir, I don't know why you stood up; I was talking about Michelle. (Laughter) 

Ignoring the fact that those are most certainly not the first three words I would use to describe President Obama, it’s hard to get past the half-hearted attempts liberal comedians make to look like they're willing to make fun of him. Here it’s the “Oh, we’re simply talking about the First Lady, har har.” Before that, Colbert joked about the president's undeserved Nobel Peace Prize. Yet this is the same political side that mocks Trump’s legitimacy just for spelling errors and then turns a blind eye to people harassing Ivanka Trump. I can only wonder what the host will do next year with President Donald Trump.

As Colbert also mentions, this is President Obama’s last year as sitting president. But that won't be the last we'll see of the 44th President, since the CBS show also featured Bill Clinton presenting James Taylor’s award. And it certainly won’t be the last time we hear of his supposed "passion, intelligence, and dignity."

Besides the obvious flaunting of President Obama, the rest of the show was fortunately the apolitical performance event we should hope for in all award shows. What a shame that there’s only a few of them left.