‘The View’ Says ‘War on Christmas’ Exists Only in Trump’s Brain

The War on Christmas exists only in the president’s brain, according to The View.

The View ladies recently discussed the “War on Christmas” – by going after President Donald Trump. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg introduced the Thursday segment by criticizing the president for calling on stores to say “Merry Christmas again” while his daughter, Ivanka, tweeted out “Happy Holidays.”

Trump “insisted to his supporters that Americans would be saying Merry Christmas again, despite the fact that nobody ever stopped saying Merry Christmas,” Goldberg began. “So I wonder what he thinks about his daughter's tweet wishing everyone ‘Happy Holidays.’”

In response, her View co-hosts chimed in “uh-oh” and “She’s Jewish!” of Ivanka. To stress just how Jewish Ivanka is, co-host Joy Behar joked that Ivanka was “as Jewish as” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Roy Moore's lawyer.

From there, Goldberg played a video of Trump talking about celebrating “Merry Christmas again” to prove how “adamant” he was.

“Lots of people will say Happy Holidays because not everybody celebrates Christmas, but that doesn't mean that we all can't party during the holiday or the Christmas holiday or whatever, OK?” she concluded.

Co-host Meghan McCain also doubted the “War on Christmas.”

“I don't interject myself into the War on Christmas because I think it's gravely overblown,” she said. “I've never said ‘Merry Christmas’ to anyone ever and they've been offended. I don’t think that’s something that exists.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed that she also didn’t “understand the War on Christmas thing,” while Goldberg insisted, “There is no war, that's the thing.” Video below.



Hostin pointed to “some media outlets” that are “constantly saying there's this War on Christmas.” To counteract that, she pointed to a YouTube video of “President Obama and the first lady saying ‘Merry Christmas,’ I don't know, like 100 times.”

“So where is that coming from” with Trump, she wanted to know. Goldberg responded: “his brain.”

Co-host Sara Haines interjected that it might be “about the coffee cups.” She may have been referring to the controversy over Starbucks’ cups around Christmastime both this year and in years past.

As far as the media outlets were concerned, Behar blamed Fox News.

“It seems like Fox News likes to push this because they're very – they’re victims, like I'm a Christian and I'm a victim, you know, as if the country is not mostly Christian,” she concluded.

Regardless, the entertainment media are certainly using Christmas to push their own agendas this year – something none of the co-hosts mentioned. And, last year, Goldberg herself insisted that celebrating Christmas was the "same conversation" as abortion.

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