Colbert’s Cartoon: Reagan a 'Punch-Line Fear-Monger Turned Dementia-Ridden President'

March 22nd, 2020 10:33 PM

President Ronald Reagan left office in January 1989 yet liberals in Hollywood still love nothing better than to randomly insert crude caricatures of him into television storylines. America’s 40th president is credited with inspiring a generation of young people to join the Republican Party but to the left, he’s a joke of a human being.

In the March 22 episode of Showtime’s Our Cartoon President, titled “Secret Money”, cartoon President Trump is told by his inner circle advisers Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller that he needs to raise money to pay his legal bills. They advise him to head to Silicon Valley and ask the billionaires of the tech world for money. Trump doesn’t want to go to California, though, and makes a last-ditch effort to ask for money from Sheldon Adelson and Wayne LaPierre. They turn him down.

The ghost of Ronald Reagan appears to Trump one night at the White House as he looks at a picture of California. Reagan convinces him to go to California by telling him California has just as many racist and “depraved wealthy elites,” like any other state. He asks how else could he have gotten elected governor of that state? The point being made is the same old tired talking point from Democrats - that Republican voters are racist and many are wealthy elites.



President Trump: It looks so beautiful from up above when you can't see the Mexicans.

Ronald Reagan: I can still make 'em out.

Trump: Ronald Reagan? You're my favorite president, I'm told.

Reagan: From one punch-line fear monger turned dementia-riddled president to another, California's nothing to fear. There are just as many racists and depraved wealthy elites in that state. How else would I have gotten elected governor and married ingenue Nancy Reagan, the sauciest little minx this side of Laurel Canyon?

Trump: But my supporters can't see me with Californians. They have high standards. Anything less than rolling around like a demented pig, and they'll leave me.

Reagan: Just get in and get out undetected, which coincidentally is what a certain pencil-skirted wildcat used to yell in my face when we snuck into a closet and—

Trump: La, la, la! Okay, okay. Oh, boy. Enough! I'll go to California.

Trump goes to California and meets with tech billionaires Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk. They agree to give him money and even develop an app for donations – GRYFTER. They act nice to Trump’s face but when Trump assumes they are friends, the billionaires let him know that isn’t the case. Trump’s feelings are hurt that the billionaires don’t want voters to know that they donated to him. The ghost of Reagan makes a second appearance to reassure the president that those billionaires really are capitalists, they just want to think they are better than Trump.



President Trump: Actually, I’m embarrassed by all of you guys.

Ronald Reagan: Don't blow up all that money, Mister Trump. Those billionaires are kidding themselves. They may praise social responsibility, but deep down, they're money-hoarding capitalists like you and me.

Trump: Then why are they so embarrassed by me? I could get any chick at Arizona State.

Reagan: Because it makes them feel good to fancy themselves as beyond you. That's why you need to expose them for who they are.

Trump: But what if everyone laughs at me?

Reagan: Everyone laughed at me when I said we should give money and weapons to Osama Bin Laden, but my nurses hid the newspapers and assured me I was right.

Trump: I'm starting to realize why, of Nancy's of boyfriends, she chose you.

Reagan: Speaking of, direct that missile to Clark Gable's estate. I caught him flirting with the missus.

Dredging up the ghost of a beloved Republican president is pretty lame. It just goes to show that before Trump Derangement Syndrome, there was the same during Reagan’s presidency. History repeats itself. At least in this episode, Reagan delivered some hard truths about the hypocrisy of the billionaire class on the left.